Jesse secretly owns a second cell phone – what is it?

Jesse secretly owns a second cell phone - what is it?

Many fans must have noticed by now that something is wrong with GZSZ newbie Jessie. But what secret from her past is Jessie carrying with her? Warning, spoilers follow!

Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ)

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Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ)

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It is still difficult to properly assess the new face in GZSZ: Nina’s sister Jessie is not well received by all the residents of the neighborhood and has already caused quite a stir. The vivacious young lady also turned heads on the tuner. But even though Jessie reaches out to the young entrepreneur, she always takes a step back when things get serious between the two. We already guessed Is Jesse behind the money tuners? It’s here. The hypothesis may be correct – but for a completely different reason…

Questionable Action: What does Carlos want from Jesse?

In the coming week, a strange scene will take place in Kolle-Keys – you can see it for yourself RTL+ Premium Account still After Tuner posted a photo of himself and Jessie on a social network, Jessie immediately demanded that the picture be deleted. She then secretly changes the SIM card in her cell phone and then pulls up her caller list: Hole 675 missed calls Her ex-husband Carlos can be seen on the cell phone screen. Jesse gets worried and changes the little chip again.

What is it about? Apparently her ex-husband is trying to reach out to her urgently. It is also suspicious that the joint photo tuner with Jessie should be deleted immediately. Doesn’t Jessie want Carlos to be able to follow his new life? Has she harassed, threatened, or blackmailed him, and that’s why she’s hot on Tuners heels?

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Social media plays an important role at Kolle-Keys. You can find out in the video which stars like to share content from their lives privately:

It’s clear that Jessie is carrying a big secret, possibly related to her past or Carlos. It’s time to wait to find out what’s really behind Jesse’s outrageous behavior… “Good Times Bad Times” You can always watch Monday to Friday at 7:40pm on RTL.

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