“Jerusalem”, a challenge that shocks Achilles tendons

"Jerusalem", a challenge that shocks Achilles tendons

An Irish study, found Sunday Times, Shows popular dance challenges on social networks like the South African hit Jerusalem In the summer of 2020, it is dangerous for health.

People who like dance challenges on social networks live dangerous lives. This is an Irish study, Published in the International Journal of Surgery Case ReportThe Early September, and South African Weekly found The Sunday Times, Who says so.

It was already known that dancers on Sundays (or Saturday nights) suffer musculoskeletal injuries due to sudden intense activity on the dance floor in untrained individuals.

But this time, the researchers examined the injuries associated with the South African tube. Jerusalem (See clip below), it orbited the world in the summer of 2020 when part of the planet was restricted.

FCZVL_8D048 Video

The song was a viral success “At the expense of three middle-aged Achilles tendons”, Explain the researchers based on examining these individuals, all of whom were admitted to the Midland‌s Regional Hospital in Thullamore (Ireland) within ten days. All three experienced an Achilles tendon rupture that required surgery after a hip was inserted into a South African tube.

Clicking sensation

The trio, aged 42, 50 and 58, experienced clicking on the back of one foot while having fun with their children or grandchildren at a popular dance event. In question, reassure researchers that the movements of the dance (which can be found in this other video below), include “Small jumps where legs change and push occasionally”, Study notes.

Contains a specific range “A push that accelerates the participant as the weight is rapidly transferred to a predetermined alternate foot in the plantar flex.”. However, according to an Irish study, the transfer of this weight to the front of the foot can cause the Achilles tendon to rupture.

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“In the future, viral challenges like ‘Jerusalem’ will help elevate new injury patterns in the Sunday dancer cohort.”, The researchers conclude. In the context of the epidemic, they also expect an increase in Achilles tendon injuries, with lockdowns leading to loss of physical activity.


Founded in 1906, Sunday Times It is the most popular Sunday newspaper in South Africa. Once a conservative, he has become more and more liberal in recent years. Its success is based on its rigorous inquiries, many of which


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