Jeremy Renner, the hockey star on the series set, is wanted as “Miss Bishop”

Jeremy Renner, the hockey star on the series set, is wanted as "Miss Bishop"

When it comes to the live-action series Marvel Studios and Disney +, it’s always easy to lose track of everything. The audience has Wandavision 2021 is coming up in January, after which (unless things prove again) The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, And If so…?. On top of that, the three series announced last summer have already seen some movement: Miss. Marvel, Moon Night, She-Hulk (More of them below). So when all this was going on we almost forgot Jeremy RennerThe series takes over Hockey. Renner’s acting aside, Jonathan Igla (mad Men) Writing, Troop Zero Directors Amber Finlayson (Bert) and Katie L.wood (Bertie) set to lead a block of episodes, and Saturday Night Live Director Rice Thomas Directing additional episodes, the official officially does not know much about the series- but it is safe to say that it ended on Wednesday.

Hockey. Attribution: Marvel Studio

Going to Instagram, Renner posted a picture of his “Clint Barton” set chair saying “Miss Bishop… we need you!” It is clear from the post that there are two easy takeaways. First, the series is currently in production shooting- which is always a good sign (as long as it happens safely). Second, the “Miss Bishop” of the message finds that we will soon receive a casting confirmation (perhaps as part of some big casting news program?) – our money is still in the Dickinson star Hailey Steinfeld Kate is taking on the role of Bishop but recently the actor has been talking (which may also be a great PR move).

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Last summer, Kevin Feez Three Disney + Live-Action Series Announced: Miss Marvel, Moon Night, And Shee-Hulk. We have been learning it ever since Umbrella Academy Series creator Jeremy Sister Tap to expand and lead the writers room Moon Night, (Oscar Isaac was rumored to be the hero), Land Award winner Jessica Gao (Adult swimming Rick, Morty) Develops and leads the writers’ room Shee-Hulk, (Rumored to be led by Tatiana Masoulani), and Bisha K Ali (By Hulu) Four marriages and one funeral) Shoranner was on board to write and serve on Miss Marvel – With the newcomer Iman Vellani Ready to lead and join the director Adil L Arb And Bilal Falla, Sharmeen Obeid-Chinoy, And Meera Menon.

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