Jennifer Samperely overplays her hand in a 2FM face mask non-debate

Jennifer Samperely overplays her hand in a 2FM face mask non-debate

There is no such thing as controversy over increasing the number of listeners for a radio show, especially one aimed at an expert audience on a social media.

When broadcaster Jennifer Samperelli tweeted on Monday to hear from people with “strong opinions” about wearing face masks for her 2FM program, the strong response on Twitter offered good ratings, if nothing else.

But in response to her request, online panic ensued, and on Tuesday morning’s show, Samperelli announced that she had decided to leave the segment after “24 Hours of Emotion”.

“It’s very clear that people do not want this discussion to take place,” said the convicted voice presenter. When the segment does not broadcast it, the decision to start and abandon a controversial item in the first place – almost inevitably – prompts the online chatter about responsible discussion and “cancel culture”. It also raises questions about Samparelli’s fate as a broadcaster.

The relationship started with Samparalli’s original tweet.

No one has to believe that ‘Kovid is just a normal fever’ to think about what the incident says about pandemic coverage

We have an open discussion about face masks on my show on RTE2FM tomorrow. Do you have a strong opinion about wearing them or not wearing them? I want to hear from you. Mail me ”. As the online response testified, people had strong opinions on the subject. The sheer speed of the thousands of replies was shocking and distrustful, and Samperelli should think about a discussion on an important public health issue, especially in the aftermath of Saturday’s violent anti-Yellow West demonstration in Dublin.

Their opinion should be that of the World Health Organization, the CDCP, epidemiologists, and other medical professionals. Do we really need an RTÉ specific ‘hear both sides’ discussion? ”Was a considered reply from a Twitter k akagag. Others were more upright.

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“Next; Seat belts, life saver or annoyance? ”Asked another, ob Robstier. (It should be noted that seat belt use was once a hot topic, at least for those who did not pull upside down through a windshield.) “You are promoting fascism,” മറ്റൊരുcolm_ryan said. Perhaps the most pathetic response came from Senator Regina Doherty: “Sweet Jesus.”

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