Jean-Pierre Dieck was first in mono and Loic Escoffier was declared the winner in multi

Jean-Pierre Dieck was first in mono and Loic Escoffier was declared the winner in multi

Jean-Pierre Dik (Notre Méditerranée – Ville de Nice) won Saturday’s Route du Rum in the Rum Mono category, while Loic Escoffier (Lodigroup) who finished second on Friday, was declared the winner in the Rum Multi category.

It is the return of the old. If it was a movie, it would be a remake of Ocean 11, Style Ocean 14, 16, or 32… Le Rum, which had only one winner in its heroic days, is gradually shifting to marketing and claims to formalize six categories. Sometimes it makes it possible to achieve great success in its Landernov.

Charles Caudlier (Maxi Edmond de Rothschild) in the gigantic multihulls (32 m), Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut) on monohulls (Vendee Globe type), Ervain Leroux (Cosio) in small multihulls (50ft) and Yoann Richom (Paprek-Archia) in small monohulls (40ft) each dominated their class in an uphill battle. It now comes in two categories, Multi Rum and Mono Rum VintageReserved for old boats or tourism boats.

The Belgian Gilles Buckenhout (age 60) has also long believed that the honors of the line in multi. It flipped over. Philippe Poppon (68) owns the best horse Flow, Florence Arthard’s former trimaran. He found time to preserve his historical monument by writing beautiful letters.

Roland Jourdain (58), proud captain of the eco-friendly stead half made of linen flower, thought he would add a third bar to his shirt after two victories in the Imoca monohulls (2006 and 2010). He saw the point-a-pitre ahead of his teammates, but a lead (which showed that the engines had not been used) added 90 minutes to his race time.

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A week before closing the lineAs a result, it is Loic Escoffier, 41, brave fisherman from Saint-Malo (52nd place overall) “Enlightened Maker”, According to him, he won in 16 days, 6 hours and 37 minutes. He was also fined for three hours in the water a few days ago after blowing two seals on his engine.

Four months ago, he was put on a plane over the Irish Sea and almost lost his cat. Loic Escoffier is the son of Pierre-Yves, three-time winner of the 50ft multihull, brother of Kevin, fourth in the monohull race, and nephew of Bob, who restores old lost boats. A wonderful family, which makes children, is at risk of producing more firsts.

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Almost exclusively in the winter monohull category, there was only one man or woman left to wear the crown. Catherine Chabaud (59), MEP, fancied herself enthroned. Jean-Pierre Dick (age 57, Not Mediterranee – City of Nice), one of the best animators of the Vendée Globe, surpassed it. Race time: 16 days 13 hours 57 minutes. “I am very proud, He made up his mind, It’s still magical. »

He saved Brieuc Maisonneuve, who had been deliberately shipwrecked. He was the 59th to touch down at Guadeloupe. They are still at sea. They have until December 3 to complete their beautiful story. After that, the line will close and they will have to buy their first glass of rum by clicking the impersonated glasses.

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