Jean-Baptiste Dormy is ready to make “a hit” on Root du Rum

Jean-Baptiste Dormy is ready to make "a hit" on Root du Rum

The “change of fashion” has been going on since the boat was purchased in September 2021. Although the general level of the fleet is still relatively high compared to 2018, I’m glad the bar was able to pick up the excitement of sailing. “Unique Model”, “Designed by an Architect of the Cup of America”.

“It’s not the most efficient, but it’s the boat that won everything from 2013 to 2017, including Route Dum 2014, and it’s never been well prepared,” he comments at the end of a major project. Held at La Trinité-sur-Mer.

Major construction site in Brittany

Completely demolished, reviewed, updated and electronically developed from A to Z, 123 passed the mandatory gauge stage on April 11 at Lorient. “It was hot, but we were able to get there on time, to be more precise, on time,” he smiles from the Starboard pontoon. A pre-race race was even more strenuous as it took place once again in Brittany due to the lack of suitable infrastructure in the Basque country.

“It is even more provocative that we have and have the capabilities in Hendai, a great technology area with a trowel lift (a device that lets boats out of the water, editor’s note). In fact, the only thing missing was a shed not too far from the water, “he argues.” Can’t take today “

The sailor, who still dreams of Imoca and Wendy Globe, hopes to be able to implement his future plans locally at home. But one thing at a time. “I have already had the opportunity to discuss this hangar with the department. I think it’s a real asset to this area, but my priority here is to finish the final arrangements of the flagpole and catch the strong wind and see how the boat responds, ”he grows impatient.

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Work on the boat continues at Henda. Here is the former rival of the time of the Optimist and 420, with the help of Michelle, a member of the Yacht-Club Basque, and his faithful sailing partner in the shadows, Orotz.

Vincent DeWitt

Same configuration as in 2018

This preparation will start from the Basque coast and then pass through three compulsory ships. First 1,200 miles solo qualification via Ireland. Then the Class 40 World Cup in La Rochelle, with a staff and more than a week. The last 1,000 nautical miles will follow through Cherberg, Ireland, and return to La Trinit-sur-Mer in July. “It’s really a rum warm – up, a regatta that allows me to see where I am and put myself in racing mode,” he notes.

“Three-quarters of my competitors are professionals, and some have twice the budget than I do.”

More motivated than ever, the rival supported by Maison Paris and the specialist in steel structures (among other sponsors) is cautious in his predictions. “The starting line will be 55 Class40s, in fact I will be in the same configuration as in 2018. Basically three-quarters of my competitors are professionals, some have double the budget and have 30 more efficiency on paper. Boats. So, while that may not be my goal, if I finish it in the first half, it will already be fine. ⁇

Leading to success

Like the 10th-place finisher, who hung out at 109 in 2018, just before a certain 123, forced to stop after an anemometer failure, the Basque rival expects the best. “I am not in the same mood as I was four years ago. In 2018, I said it would be my vacation so I would definitely head south and look for a trade wind. While the gallery may seem a bit amusing, this year, I’m not going to ask myself any questions if I have anything to do with the more committed North Way. ⁇

“If I have anything to do with the more committed North Route this year, I’m not going to ask myself a question.”

A wish worthy of his advancement in single-handed racing, which began at a very young age in a mini 6.50. “I’m going with a lot of desire, but in an adventure like this, you’ll never be safe from being crushed and damaged,” he knows. “In offshore racing, there is a part of success,” he continues. The goal is to provoke it … “

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