Jarry leads the show “Stunning and Poetic”

Jarry leads the show "Stunning and Poetic"

At the end of April, things will be turbulent in front of the music scene of the Boulon-Billancourt. When we get to the shooting location we hear cars and technicians and animals Game of Talents. Undoubtedly, we are in the right place. Before entering the room, you should go under the beautiful white tent for a nasopharyngeal sample. In the midst of an epidemic, Fremantle was able to bring in artists from all over the world, which is the great pride of the production company.

For this, performers must comply with the quarantine when arriving from Canada, the United States, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands or Russia. After a rehearsal session yesterday, they will be able to climb onto the stage of this new show presented by Jari.

A mission: to unite the whole family

The principle? The artists present themselves in front of two teams of three personalities. Their mission is to give the right person the right skills. Who is the most balanced activity? Which is a rat trainer? Whose is the head of him that swalloweth the sword? A total of ten issues will be presented to the public in the evening.

To get the right answer, celebrities use magnetos that are offered before each performance. Whether in the middle of a yoga session or in front of a clairvoyant to reveal the clues, Jari stands there in every way. The positive point, by contrast Mask Singer Where the hair can pull them out, that is Game of Talents Are more accessible. As the program aims to reunite the whole family, some will recognize the lyrics to one of Weiden’s songs and others will turn to references to Sylvester Stallone’s movies.

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“It’s been a generation, it’s my audience,” Jary said 20 minutes. I try to do shows that are 7 to 97 years old, and I want to do shows that bring 7 to 97 year olds together. In his opinion, this is not a question of the format of “which compartmentalizes” but addresses everyone. “It’s not obscene, it’s not aggressive. It’s funny, it’s good, it’s great, but it’s poetic.”

“WTF and fun” skills

If he agrees to take part in this show, it is because he likes the range of talent that parades on stage. “Poetry, awe, fear, and sometimes WTF and humorous talents really have artistic talents,” he rejoices. In this case, if we have to compare with another program, Game of Talents Will be seen more Amazing geniusUntil then The largest cabaret in the world Due to some services that prioritize the comic side over the art form. Many of the works are indeed magnificent, while others invite a few to the journey. But, to keep it surprising, we can’t tell you everything.

The host says he is fully invested in the program, especially through the Magnetos Indices. To do this, we have to work twice as hard and shoot about twenty sequences (for two numbers recorded) in three days. Two writers wrote the sketches before handing them over to Jari, who owned them. “It’s important to include them, because it was also my way of personalizing the format and highlighting the actor,” he said. A role that distinguishes him from the presenter of the original Spanish version.

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“I was really able to do what I wanted”

Thanks Game of Talents, Jari once again took the lead in TF1. This summer, the comedian hosted two new issues Good singers We will find him in the coming months as an investigator in the third season Mask Singer. “I was not at all bothered by the presentation of the idea, I was just as excited as the guests,” assures the public that it could be found on French television about ten years ago.

Despite these years of experience, “in terms of presentation, for the first time, I was able to do what I wanted to do on TV,” he adds. The host has written his texts himself upstream in order to separate himself as much as possible from his teleprompter. “I learned the show while studying my shows, and I enjoy it,” Jary comments.

Good singers, It’s a little straight, I’re a little more framed, a little more directed. I want to get rid of it all more. I think TV tries to respect a lot of the code and not shock anyone, but I think it’s a little bit more intrusive, ”TF1 concludes. All that remains is to convince the channel to give him (more) free time for his future projects.

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