Japanese space agency shares sample photos of Ryu asteroids

Penampakan asteroid Ryugu. (twitter/haya2e_jaxa)

Asteroid Rugby Views. (Twitter / haya2e_jaxa)

Hitekno.com – Through Hayabusa 2 @ haya2e_jaxa Mission’s Twitter official Twitter account, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) shared a photo uploaded from the sample The asteroid Ruge.

Photos show parts of black rock and gravel in the container. This success was the culmination of five years of planning.

The new sample from Rug was approximately 5.4 g. The asteroid sample is estimated to be more than 4.5 billion years old.

Contains a remnant and ancient material from the early days of the Solar System, which is predicted to have formed the Sun and the planets that orbit it.

Japan shares sample photos of Ryugu asteroids. [Twitter]

When the closed vessel was opened, astronomers found several particles larger than one millimeter in size. The sample that was in the C space was slightly larger than the others and was collected from the second landing on the mission.

Since landings were made north of the crater deliberately created earlier in the mission, scientists expect samples taken to contain fragments of surface material.

If successful, it would be a great achievement because all the other asteroid samples collected will only come from the surface.

Rugo itself is a type of asteroid C, which means that rocks are very porous and contain a lot of carbon and water.

Also, because the surface of the rug appears to be very dry and red, some experts suspect that the asteroid once flew close to the sun.

However, not all substances collected in the sample capsule are primary. A pill is said to contain an anachronism.

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“The synthetic material seems to be in room C. The origin of the material is being investigated, but it is aluminum that has eliminated the aircraft sample. Space A projectile was applied to stir the material during the landing, ”Hayabusa 2 project press release said. Science Alert, Friday (1/1/2021).

Hayabusa 2 Project An update from Twitter, the object has not yet been confirmed. Scientists have already begun to analyze these new samples, including the gas trapped inside the capsule, which is thought to have accumulated on the surface of the rug.

Japan Space Agency (JAXA). [Shutterstock]
Japan Space Agency (JAXA). [Shutterstock]

If scientists’ calculations are correct, the sample from the asteroid Rugu is the world’s first gas to be brought back from space.(Suara.com/Lintang Siltya Utami)

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