Janko: Matthias Shonerts plays the main character


Italian Spaghetti Western and Mathias Shonerts (Danish girl, Bullhead), who is rethinking Janko, have been selected for the title role of A Proud Sky and Canal +.

The high-quality English-speaking series is based on the 1966 film Sergio Corbuchi, and was developed by Catoulia, a subsidiary of ITV Studios. Gomorrah. It is also produced by the French company Atlantic Productions.


The story is set in the Old West in the 1860s and 1870s. Sarah and John founded New Babylon, a city of exiles, full of men and women of all races and religions, and all are welcome to open arms.

Fearing killing his family eight years ago, Janko is still searching for his daughter, believing he may have escaped the massacre. He was shocked to see her in New Babylon, where he was going to marry John. Now that Sarah is an adult, Janko wants to go because she fears that Babylon will be in danger if he stays. However, Janko, who believes the city is in danger, is adamant that he will not lose his daughter twice.

Matthias Schonerts

Matthias Schonerts

Janko Directed by Francesca Komensini (Gomorrah), she will also be the art director of the series. The 10 episode series was written by the authors Gomorrah Leonardo Fazoli and Maddalena Ravagli, who co-authored the series with Francesco Senny and Michel Pellegrini. Max Hurwitz signed on for two episodes.

The series will be shown in the UK, Italy, Ireland, Austria and Germany. The series will air on Canal + France, Benelux and Africa. StudioConnel has worldwide distribution rights.

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