Jamie Lying booses with Bill Bailey in the dressing room after a string of successes

Jamie Lying booses with Bill Bailey in the dressing room after a string of successes

After the success of the comedian’s Strictly Come Dancing, Jamie Lying toasted Bill Bailey and called him the champion of all.

The Made in Chelsea star praised his fellow finalist – and added champagne to him in the dressing room to celebrate his glitterball victory.

Jamie said in an interesting message on Instagram that he deserves it.

He posted a great picture of himself smiling with a bottle and glass in his hand – just starting the party.

Behind the star was a large bottle of whiskey, and he was no less than people who wanted to raise a glass to him.

As soon as Jamie and Bill were declared the winners, they were exploited in the dressing room

Jamie wrote: “Champion of me and the nations !! What a hero !! I adore you ill Bill Baileyofficial. ”

Fans loved the movie as all four of the finalists were in the mix.

One wrote: “It was the best series in strict history. You all deserve to win. After yesterday’s year and day, we were able to see and admire all the amazing dancers. It was amazing, so thank you all for being strict.”

Another said: “You were all great, this was the best final ever held! Any one of you could have won!”

Jamie said she loves every moment of the experience

The third agreed, posting Jamie’s comments: “Think this is the best final ever !! None of you could have won.”

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Bill, 55, became the oldest winner of all time – finally regaining the satisfaction of talking about incredible success.

He said: “It feels extraordinary, it feels extraordinary, it feels amazing.

He didn’t win, but at least he got his hands on the glitterball

Bill and Ott were overwhelmed as they were crowned winners

“I never thought we’d get this far, I never thought we’d get to the finals,” he said.

“But I have the most extraordinary teacher, the most extraordinary dancer, someone who has trusted me from the beginning.”

Pro dancer Ottie Maboos was definitely celebrating too – she knows how to do it.

Otti, who won the show last year with Kelvin Fletcher, said: “Bill, I think you’re amazing and remarkable, Bill Bailey, and you’re in charge of everything.

“You allowed me into your world. I always want to be in your world and part of you.”

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