Jamie Bryson publishes a book on the constitutional and legal relationship between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom

Jamie Bryson publishes a book on the constitutional and legal relationship between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom

If the French-speaking literature on the Northern Irish question is more than limited (see our bibliography on the question of the Troubles here), in English, it is much more provided. As the question of the Protocol in Northern Ireland and therefore the constitutional, commercial, legal and economic relationship between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom is debated today, a leading unionist has thrown a stone in the pond. Understand well.

the book NI Constitutional Law (Sold exclusively on Amazon or on site) Written by Northern Ireland Unionist campaigner Jamie Bryson, with a foreword by DUP leader the Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Donaldson MP. It is published UNIONIST VOICE PUBLICATIONS LIMITEDA society established to promote and encourage the Unionist/Loyalist community to publish various literary contributions.

The publication is 382 pages long and brings together all the relevant legal documents relating to the Protocol and its effects on Northern Ireland’s constitutional position. These include the main provisions of the Union with Ireland Act 1800, the Protocol on Northern Ireland, the Belfast Agreement and the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (the Good Friday Agreements).

Throughout the book, key documents are accompanied by explanatory commentary, and the opening chapter provides a detailed analysis of the Acts of Union, focusing on its development since 1800 and its basic contemporary application.

This book is the first in a series NI Constitutional LawA number of books covering key areas of constitutional law relating to Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom will be published over the next two years.

Jamie Bryson said ” This book is a response to the growing need for accessible resources to equip and empower the grassroots unionist/loyalist community to develop a comprehensive knowledge of constitutional law, increase awareness of its basic principles, and to equip and empower the grassroots unionist/loyalist community in an effort to protect our precious union. In recent times there has been a marked imbalance in the literature relating to Northern Ireland’s constitutional position, particularly in established academic circles. When it comes to protocol, the imbalance is complicated, and when many claims and conclusions are in fact strongly contested politically and legally, these publications run the risk of assuming infallibility. It is important to take steps to address this imbalance and ensure that a pro-union position is noted. The book was written and published on a non-profit basis. All funds will be reinvested in publishing pro-union materials and organizing workshops on constitutional law with a focus on empowering the grassroots union/loyalist community.

In the introduction, Sir Geoffrey Donaldson, Unionist MP for Northern Ireland, said: “EAs a committed parliamentarian and unionist, I believe it is timely and necessary for grassroots unionists and loyalists to familiarize themselves with our legislative heritage, including constitutional law, which has a huge impact on our daily lives. If we are to be faithful to the Union, we must understand the law that underlies this Union and the new laws created by the Protocol that threaten its viability.

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