James Webb Space Telescope – The demolition of the Heat Shields is over!

James Webb Space Telescope - The demolition of the Heat Shields is over!

We witnessed on December 25, 2021 A historical event in the world of astronomy. The Ariane 5 rocket was launched from a spaceport in French Guiana James Webb Space TelescopeThis is the result of several years of collaboration between scientists at NASA, ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency. The launch of the rocket had been postponed several times before, raising doubts as to whether it would be launched before the New Year.

NASA announces another success with its placement operation James Webb Space Telescope L2 in orbit. This time Sun visors fully open. However, this was not without problems, and everyone involved in the project over the last few days has been under great pressure. Eventually, they were able to complete the process that depended on the success of the entire mission.

Thermal shields It is essential for the proper functioning of the James Webb Space Telescope because it looks at the universe in infrared light. So it must be Free from infrared radiation sourcesIt will interfere with his work. Therefore, thermal shields separate the mirrors from the sun. The device is perfectly suited for operation in extreme conditions, and the temperature on the side of the mirror is close to absolute zero. It can be observed The celestial bodies formed 13.5 billion years ago.

Successful deployment of heat shields This is not the last leg of the James Webb Space Telescope journey. The device had to be assembled because of its size, otherwise it would not fit on the rocket it was carrying. Earlier, NASA reported the successful deployment of the antenna, followed by the solar panels. In the following days, the procedure for opening the secondary mirror, followed by the most important factor – The main mirror.

NASA’s official website reports that James Webb is currently a space telescope He has already failed more than 65 percent. Distances Between Earth and target orbit. According to scientists, the monitoring device will arrive there by January 22. After that, the device should be properly calibrated and tested. The first pictures taken with a telescope We can see it in June as soon as possible.


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