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James Bond: After a long wait, this fan-favorite actor turned down the chance to succeed Daniel Craig.

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It’s not a secret anymore, Dying can wait It was the end James Bond Worn by Daniel Craig. After 15 years at the helm of the franchise, the actor has decided to turn the page and the makers are now all set to refresh the universe. As of now, no new film project has been launched yet and no actor has been chosen to take on this legendary character, but one thing is already certain: Idris Elba Will not be a part of it.

Idris Elba doesn’t want to be James Bond

This is not my career goal. I don’t feel that playing James Bond fulfills any of my personal goals.“, he said openly on the podcast shop. A surprising statement considering how much other actors fought for the role and disappointed a section of the public.

After all, Idris Elba knows he’s been a fan (and betting) favorite for years to succeed Daniel Craig.I won’t lie to you, I can go to every corner of the world, I don’t mind talking about different cultures, people always say to me ‘James Bond!’“.

The actor is happy to be at the center of discussions

Despite everything, if Idris Elba does not want to accept the costume of the most famous secret agent of the cinema, he is happy to be at the center of discussions on the subject. Why ? According to him, these speculations can only be positive for the character’s future.

I don’t fit the role, but I am in many people’s minds. My work is done for thatHe explained. The truth is, Idris Elba is considered by many to be an “alternative Bond” type of Bond. As long as this alternative exists, it’s good to keep an open mind when casting“.

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In other words, recruiting an actor of color for this iconic role, as has been the case in the recent past, will ease fans’ appetites. which doctor. An evolution that is historic and can participate in the innovation that manufacturers want.

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