“Jake Paul has a lot more advantages than Connor McGregor, but stay away from Canelo” – Marseille News

Khabib coach Noormagomedov believes the fight between Jake Paul and Connor McGregor is more than some think.

Javier Mendes led the “Eagle” to victory when they met the Irish at UFC 229 about three years ago.

Amanda Westcott / Showtime

Paul is making waves in the boxing world

Since then, McGregor has only won once in the Octagon, and is now in treatment for a broken leg after a hostile match against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

The loss of his form led to a call to fight former YouTube star Paul, who is currently leading the way to four-game success.

Former UFC players Ben Askron and Tyrone Woodley lost to the 24-year-old from Ohio and now have a multi-fight deal with Showtime Sports.

While McGregor still aspires to the title in 2016 by wearing featherweight and lightweight belts at the same time, Mendes believes Paul should aim for the UFC legend – but not Sawell ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.


The Irishman left with a leg injury

“Jake has a lot more advantages than Connor,” Mendes told Betway Insider. “The size is huge, and he has been boxing for over three years with some good boxing pro who know what they are doing.

“So no, he doesn’t have to be afraid of Connor.”

Instead, he should be afraid of people like Canelo. He’s going to break her in a round, which is embarrassing.

“He has no chance with people like that. He should stay away from him – but he definitely has a chance against Connor.”

Russia, led by Mendes, threatened McGregor

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Russia, led by Mendes, threatened McGregor

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“Looking at both, Jake has some great achievements in size and strength. Yes, he has no fighting experience, but he’s only been boxing for a long time. Connor is not strictly boxing.

“I know Jake directly about his work. I have videos that his coaches send me, and I had words with the people he trains with.

“That guy is legitimate, he’s the real deal. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a good guy.

“He’s a good athlete, so combine everything and he’ll get some momentum.

Big brother Logan performed well against the best boxer of his time

Amanda Westcott / Showtime

Big brother Logan performed well against the best boxer of his time

“In the case of Floyd Mayweather, the truth is that they did not get the chance. Floyd would have beaten everyone if he wanted to, and Floyd knew how to take away his power.

“They had as many opportunities as Floyd wanted to give them, and he allowed Jake to escape defeat. It’s just fun.

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