“Jair Bolsonaro will not accept defeat”, says one historian

"Jair Bolsonaro will not accept defeat", says one historian

Jair Bolsonaro said he will not accept defeat. On Tuesday, August 16, Silvia Capanema Francinfo, historian of contemporary Brazil, recalls the Brazilian presidential election on October 2. “Like in America”She is afraid “Attempt to set against election result if he is not re-elected”. The far-right president is fighting the election against former left-wing president Lula “Many Calls in Support of Democracy”.

franceinfo: Will Jair Bolsonaro concede defeat?

Sylvia Capanema: He said that he will not accept defeat as he has no faith in the electoral system. He is also planning a campaign to tell his supporters that losing the election will not count for September 7, the date of the independence bicentenary and the military parade.

“So there is a risk of a military takeover, or as in the United States, an attempt to shape the election results if he is not re-elected.”

Silvia Capanema, Historian of Brazil


For this reason, on the other hand, not only jurists, lawyers, civil society but also trade unionists and many other people issued many appeals in support of democracy.

What is Jair Bolsonaro’s financial record as the campaign focuses on this point?

Brazil is in a complicated economic situation and is in recession. All clues are complicated. There are more people who are unemployed and working in the informal economy. Above all, poverty and hunger increase among the working classes. These economic conditions, which have long impoverished the popular middle class, are also unpopular with Jair Bolsonaro.

Does the later overturning of Lula’s convictions for corruption and money laundering still hurt him in the eyes of Brazilians?

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Lula has fought in recent years to show that his views are subject to legal and political persecution. His conviction beyond these scandals is not an important issue for the population. Brazilians are not convinced that Lula did these things. Today, all questions are important to improve daily life and economy. Bolsonaro’s opponents are sensitive to all issues of authoritarianism, conservatism, minority persecution and racism.

How does the business world fare in this leftist candidacy?

Some big businessmen or wealthy people have supported the call for democracy in Brazil, which is actually an anti-Bolsonaro call. Some will clearly support Lula because there was an accord with part of the Brazilian elite both times he was elected. He has a project called “developmentalist” It also benefits the big Brazilian capitalists.

Four years after Jair Bolsonaro’s assassination attempt, will the election campaign be marred by yet another incident?

There have already been other attacks not on candidates, but on members of Lula’s Workers’ Party (PT), for example. An activist was killed by a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro [le 10 juillet dernier, ndlr]. Therefore, it cannot be said that there will be a peaceful campaign till the end.

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