Jacob Polt and team begin preparations for European Championship qualifiers – Sports Mix

Jacob Polt and team begin preparations for European Championship qualifiers - Sports Mix

On June 30 and July 3, Austria’s national basketball team will play in the European Championship qualifiers against Ireland and Cyprus (both games can be seen live on LAOLA1).

To better prepare for this, a multi-day “pre-camp” kicks off on Friday, with 13 men testing several young players before preparing for the game on June 27 in Salzburg.

The current “national team window” is undoubtedly very special: it’s not just the last training sessions and games under team boss Rawl Corner, who have not yet received national team recognition from his new club, the Hamburg Towers. .

NBA star Jacob Polt has also been hunting for a basket for Austria for a long time, thus giving the whole team a real “push”.

In the future, many local talents will have to “push” Austria – in the coming years, if the corner has its way.

So the following 15 players were invited to the “pre-camp” in St. Polton: Lucas Hahn (Trieskirchen), Jonathan Nessel (Oberwart), Timo Lanmമുള്ളller (Tബിbingen / GER2), Daniel Koppel (Gmunden), Jacob Lohber (T). Polton), Obina Endukwe (Closternburg), Elias Podani (Capfenberg), Tobias Steve Weiser (Capfenberg), Lucas Simon (Grass) Miro Zapf (Kapfenberg), Felix Angerbauer (St. Pölten, MVP Final Four MU19).

“Stay in touch with the younger generation”

“It’s about getting in touch with the younger generation. One or the other may recommend themselves to the final team against Ireland and Cyprus,” said the outgoing head coach at a training camp starting today in St Paulton.

The expectation for Pöltl is very high

The “pre-camp” will last until June 27, after which it will go directly to Salzburg, where preparations for the country tournament will begin. Corner has just announced his temporary squad for the squad, which includes: Thomas Klepis (Ulm / GER), Rashan Embemba (St. Paulton), Renato Poljack (Oberwort), Jacob Polt (San Antonio Spurs / USA), Bozzek , Errol Erzek (Tബിbingen / GER 2), Benedict Gutt (Gmundon), Jacob Lohr (Timberwolves), Jose Rados (BC Vienna), Daniel Friedrich (Gmundon), Sebastian Keferle (Tmor), Oberwert (T) Bayern Munich / GER).

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According to Corner, Polt’s expectations are high. “As a coach, you always want the highest level possible. Jacob is an extraordinary player and currently one of the best in Europe,” Corner said of the NBA’s big man’s commitment to the national team.

Model for boys

Not only will Polt be a great help on the pitch, but the national coach is convinced: “It’s something special for the whole team, especially the boys, to experience firsthand what is possible now.” After taking his place as Team Boss, Corner sees the participation of the 2.16m giant as an inspiration to make the national team as “accessible” as possible, that is, to give young players a chance. For many Austrian talents.

As a well-known strategist across borders, Corner also knows he needs to integrate into the Star Center team. But he does not see it as an obstacle: “A player’s high quality, his combination works fast. In the past, we have re-adjusted our style of play. With Jacob in the zone, we can now defend more aggressively, because he is under the basket and can eliminate one or two errors accordingly. A little change in the -and-roll defense and the team concept will definitely match the dominant player aggressively.

Heart project

For the time being, Corner is a little worried about the fact that these will be his last games on the red-white-red touchline: “Austrian basketball is a project that is close to my heart, and I’m associated with the association.” But he does not worry, because it is for such a situation that he recently implemented his basketball philosophy in Austria and built a coaching staff that can now take over.

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Commenting on the upcoming games, the coach diplomat said: “Of course you want to succeed as a coach, but this process is more important to me. We are better than last time. If we improve, we can beat both teams.

Speaking of Salzburg: Fans can expect a complete basketball festival around the European Championship qualifiers. In addition to Polt’s Star Power and Corner Farewell, the 3×3 Tour Austria will also stop in Mozart this weekend. The successful national wheelchair basketball team will play a Test match against Switzerland on Saturday.

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