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Jack Charlton’s Ireland – Gurin Sportivo

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The coach of the Euro 1988 Revelation team and later two World Cups coach was one of the Englishmen, perhaps the only one who could be loved in Dublin …

Jack Charlton He was an excellent defender, coached Leeds United, England’s 1966 World Champion national team (he joined that group at the age of 30), and coached Middlesbrough and Sheffield on Wednesday, with excellent results (those in Newcastle are few), but it is clear Bobby’s brother was the coach , It’s not a view of the game (we can still argue), but related to its football history.

In fact, Ireland had never qualified for the finals of a World Cup or a European Championship before him, always remembering that there were only a handful of places available today. The Greens were close to attending the 1966 World Cup in England Charlton, But they lost the play-off against Luisito’s Spain Suarez. Ireland is the best as a technical leader Johnny Giles, Jack Charlton’s partner in Leeds, but in the end, like other Irish girls, who watched big matches on television. At the start of Charlton’s adventure in Dublin in 1986, he envied Northern Ireland and had already qualified for three World Championships.

Charlton’s first invention was actually a throwback. He argued that imitating the Continental game was not helpful, especially when you did not have well-legged midfielders to approach the opposite time as quickly as possible. From the number of balls thrown forward, the percentage of scoring chances would have been greater than the number of balls passed from a playmaker’s foot or the number of balls passed by an inactive player. Also, Charlton has no problem calling players born and raised in England, English in every sense but with some Irish ancestry: Houghton, Morris, McCarthy, McGrath, Houghton (Born in Scotland), Aldridge, Galvin, Cascarino, Kelly, Sheddy (He is also Welsh), Peyton, Byron, Sheridan, Euro 1988 recalls the squad: 13 out of 20 are not a product of Irish football. This assistance to the Irish ancestors before Charlton was not insignificant, but the work with him had become so great that one of the main criticisms leveled at him by the Irish media was that he was not English, but that they would have played English in England.

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However, everything disappeared before qualifying for the European Championships in West Germany, with 8 teams in the final stage, so there were minor difficulties in getting there compared to today’s ‘dogs and pigs’. Won in a group that included Belgium, Bulgaria and Scotland, i.e. the three teams that participated in the World Cup in Mexico, Ireland were not satisfied. It was still Ireland Brady e StapletonBrady was injured, and Charlton missed a similar column Mark Lawrence. The debut was with the best England Bobby Robson, Very carefully nullifying his greatest genius through scoring and Houghton’s goal. 1-1 against the Soviet Union Lobanovsky And qualifying for the semifinals is fading on target Kift Eight minutes after the end of a defensive match, Copa Libertadores lost time to lead the Netherlands to victory in that tournament as well.

Charlton’s Ireland football did not celebrate a miracle, it was nothing more than a 4-4-2 war version of English, but the results. Italy qualified for the ’90s with Spain in a group that included Hungary and Northern Ireland. In the World Cup, England and the Netherlands are in the group in Egypt as well as in the European Championships. 1-1 with the English at Cagliari and Sant Elia, 0-0 with Egypt at Palermo and again at Palermo with the Netherlands: Quinn’s goal sent Ireland second, affecting the entire World Cup (in principle the quarter-finals should be Italy-Holland or Italy-England). In the 16th round, in Genoa, but after the meeting John Paul II At the Vatican, another match of anti-football, but qualified for penalties, was a decisive relay. David O’Leary: Many Irishmen excel in their football, screaming like us Tardelli. Decent exit against Italy in the quarter-finals Vicini All Ompico, unavoidable goal Shillasi On our last magical night. A team of very low quality rarely made it into the top eight in the world, but Charlton gave that lower-middle-class group an identity, direction and heart. On his return to Dublin, millions of people, say one million, welcomed a national team that did not play champagne football, but gave 100%.

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Charlton’s Ireland’s third magical era at the 1994 World Cup, after coming out alive from the qualifying rounds with Spain, Denmark and Northern Ireland. Includes Charlton Gary Kelly, Bob e McAthir He surprised Italy in the first match Bags At Giants Stadium, 1-0 on goal from Houghton. The defeat to Mexico and the draw with Norway pushed Azuri into third place and sent Ireland to finish the World Cup in the 16th round against the Netherlands. But Charlton’s greatest achievement will be the city’s independence, and Dublin’s highest honor in more than 150 years of history, 82 times and always to global standards. After Mother Teresa of Calcutta It fell to Charlton, who was supposed to be his successor Bill Clinton. He had more left in the heart of the Irish than a long throw for spikes.

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