Ivanios promises responsible tourism and resists the crisis

Ivanios promises responsible tourism and resists the crisis

8:00 AM, 2021 August 10

Created in 2009 by Eric La Bonardier and Ivan Vibox, this French tech nugget has definitely had a tough past eighteen months. Ivanios is a leading platform in tourism, the region most affected by the health crisis. Ivanios, which specializes in tailoring stays and is rooted in responsible travel, has developed a different model for tour operators: the company contacts its customers directly with local agents — 2,000 correspondents in 160 countries — depending on their travels.

“In January 2020, one of our investors asked us if there was any solution to prevent the overall longevity of air traffic. We did not believe it, but we thought about it,” recalls Eric La Bonardier. Between cancellations of their clients’ residences, assistance to local partners, and negotiations for a state-guaranteed loan (received 8 8 million in two installments), the teams worked on a future strategy. “The journey will not disappear, Ivanios’ co-founder believes. It brings people together and provides a livelihood for the whole people. The question that arises is how.”

A week with a shepherd

The company offers “best trips” with a code of good training that completely eliminates CO2 emissions and avoids the supply of plastic bottles, elephant rides and excursions. Protected area, but guarantees proper rewards for guides. It has expanded its operations in Europe (Greece, Italy, Ireland, etc.) and France. “We now offer more than fifty trips, including a week of immersion with a shepherd in the Pyrenees or an astronomical laboratory in Provence,” he says. Enough to maintain a turnover: Start-ups are currently recording 40 to 50% of departures in 2019. “It makes me optimistic about the future because fewer destinations are open,” says Eric La Bonardier.

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