Ivana Dudik undressed in front of the cameras

Ivana Dudik undressed in front of the cameras

Actress Ivana Dudik, who gained public attention due to independent scenes in the productions “Red Moon” and “Jugoslovenka”, revealed how her emotional partner reacted to the filming of hot scenes.

– I’m sure that no partner usually tolerates this. It objectively exceeds the scope of normal work. Acting is not a normal job as many people make it out to be. However, anyone who agrees to be with an actor or actress is, conditionally speaking, agreeing to that kind of freedom, not because it’s what I’m doing here right now, but because it’s written in the script. So I think everything can be resolved through an agreement – she said Ivana Dudic.

Ivana DudicPhoto: T. Borozan / Ringier

Ivana Dudic

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The actress also said that she thinks the actors need more confidence because of the tricky scenes.

– I see my work as what I decided to do. The actor’s calling is simply extroverted and clear. I give myself to you in all possible and impossible situations, situations and emotions. It may be harder for me to expose myself emotionally than it is to expose you physically. People always take this stripping superficially. Doing a dramatic scene is much more difficult than undressing in front of the cameras.

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