ITV GMB: Woman calls her ‘Fisherman’ for insulting ‘irrelevant’ BBC column | TV & Radio | Showbiz and TV

ITV GMB: Woman calls her 'Fisherman' for insulting 'irrelevant' BBC column |  TV & Radio |  Showbiz and TV

Pierce Morgan has been fired from the BBC for replacing the word “fisherman” with “fisherman” to remove the word “men” from job descriptions. Ashley Mullencher, a woman fisherman, did not ask her co – workers if there was anything wrong with the word, saying it was “irrelevant.” Pierce said: “You’re actually a boat fisherman, so you’re one of these rare women fishermen, and you’d like to call a fisherman.”

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Ms Mullencher said: “I love it.

“I do not see the problem of being called a fisherman if you are a woman.”

Co-host Susanna Reid asked: “How many of you are there?”

Miss Mullencher continued: “I am in Norfolk, working on a boat, which is a boating boat, so we go fishing for wheels, crabs, and ellipticals.

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“I think there are about six in the UK.

“Some of them are doing different types of fishing on my Instagram, but not really a lot.”

Pierce asked: “Is there any problem in calling any of the six fishermen?”

Miss Mullencher replied: “I did not ask them because I do not think it is relevant.”

Co-host Susanna Reid spoke: “The figures show two percent.”

Pierce continued: “Apparently but has anyone seen this? I don’t think I have, but the whole language has changed from fisherman to fisherman.”

“There are some jobs that women don’t like to do, are there?

“Perhaps on a trawler in the North Sea, rough and tough, it is not on the list of things to do for the Equality Brigade.

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“I want to find out, are there really any women working on trawler fishing boats?”

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