“It’s more incredible in the election.”

"It's more incredible in the election."

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With more than a hundred captains, the Blues’ goalkeeper bar is very high. This record seems almost inaccessible. He reveals his role in the operation, which symbolizes the history of French football …

This is a record that Ire … never lost. This June 26, 2016, the French team will face Ireland in Lyon in the 16th round of the Euros. Hugo Lloris became the first Frenchman to enter the lawn at Gruppama Stadium. The 55 – time goalkeeper, who was born in Nice and trained there for the 55th time in his international career, surpassed his Blues coach Didier Deschamps 54 times between 1994 and 2000. “Obviously, this is nice, but the idea of ​​comparing me to my coach is far from me, and he remains a reference”. He said after the French victory, 2-1.

First at Wembley

Five years have passed. And the counter. On June 2, at the Alliance Riviera, Loris honored his 100th captaincy against Wales (3-0). Since it is almost certain that no mistake will be made, we can say that this record is not going to be broken. However, that person was never actually pursued.

“I remember exchanging flags with English captain Rio Ferdinand. My father came to London. We succeed. “

“It simply came to our notice then. He explains. I never claimed the captaincy. “His first with the Blues remains his” most memorable, most powerful. “. A 2-1 victory over England at Wembley on 17 November 2010. “Ambond was playing in the France team that day. I remember exchanging flags with English captain Rio Ferdinand. His father had come to London. We succeed. “ A few months later, Laurent Blanc, then coach, will go to Lyon to announce his fate at Loris: he will be his captain at Euro 2012. “First, as a precaution, I put a shell in, I do not know where I am going. At the time, the arm was heavy to wear. When you succeed, it’s easy. “ He judges.

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Hugo Lloris with his first captain’s armband (photo of David Winter / Icon Sport) on 17 November 2010 at Wembley during England-France.

Captain in Nice, Lyon, Tottenham …

This role was not entirely new to Loris. Within 15 years in Nice, he took over alternately with two of his teammates. In Lyon, Claude Poole had entrusted him with this task on time.

“The burden is here, it belongs to the biggest nation in football. “

Three years after arriving at Tottenham in 2015, he stood out in this role as well. But the weight of the piece of cloth is not the same in the French team. “Captain at the club, this is amazing, but it’s even more unbelievable on the France team. He believes. You represent so many things, such a story … I feel it in every game. And then, there’s so much excitement around the team. The burden of a great football nation is there. “

There are many ways to become a leader

After winning the 2018 World Cup (Photo e-Press / Icon Sport).

From respect to horror, there is only one step. It’s about being strong. “Hardest,” Loris said It’s about finding the right mix. Do not overdo it, just keep going. Experience helps to create the right attitude. The captain must be honest in his principles. He should not invent a personality for himself. It must be a leader. There are many ways to become a leader. Some are exemplary leaders, others are leaders by work and performance, while others are unified above all else. The truth is everywhere. There is no suitable profile. The big mouth alone is not enough. Surely the captaincy was shared anyway. One player wears the armband, but the responsibilities are shared among the team’s executives. “

Captain and his relays

This is more true from his penalty area, where Hugo Lloris can not hear his voice at the other end of the field when the situation requires it. “It simply came to our notice then. A goalie has an impact on his defense and defensive midfield. He can use his voice to guide or convey information.

“If something goes wrong, crossing the field to talk to the referee is not my trick. But I have relays and I really like sharing. I want them. “

Later, it becomes more complicated, especially when the stadium is full. It’s not my business to cross the field to talk to the referee if something goes wrong. But I have relays and I love sharing. I want them. A coach needs his leaders and captain executives. That is important. Generally, you need one relay per line ”, He explains.

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Didier Deschamps and Karim Benzema with Paul Pogby (Photo by David Nivier ABACAPRESS.COM/IconSport).

Inspire respect

The influence of a captain is not limited to kick-offs and whistles. Loris is well aware of this: “In group life, when the captain is involved, there is a problem in general.

“I find the spirit of a leader in Didier (Deschamps). I can only imagine seeing him as a selector, how he would be a player. “

Let’s say there is a framework defined by the coach, the captain must make sure that everyone stays within that framework. Later, he achieved such a dimension in the football community that the captain should be a role model. This does not mean that we do things for others. We do them first for ourselves. But there are values ​​to be respected. “

And the models we can inspire?

“I never tried to be a captain, so I didn’t focus on the captains. Loris answers. I looked at the guards more. A guard will quickly feel responsible based on his position. I remember, at a very young age, the goalkeeper must have been the boss of his area and I was told to command my defense. The goalkeeper must be the leader. He should announce his presence, voice, and something to his colleagues. It’s a form of leadership. Now, I find Didier (Deschamps) The spirit of the leader. I can only imagine what he would be like as a player when I see him as a manager. With him, we feel it is natural. That is how he was born. It inspires respect. That is important. “

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