It’s as big as Molise-

It's as big as Molise-

Larger ice sheet separates from Antarctica than Spanish island of Mallorca Weddell at sea, Is currently becoming the largest iceberg in the world. It was discovered by the European Space Agency.

Scientists have discovered an iceberg named A-76 in satellite images taken by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission., The space agency explained on its website with a photo of a large elongated ice sheet. Its surface area is 4,320 square kilometers It measures 175 km long and 25 km wide. By comparison, Mallorca, the largest Spanish tourist island in the Mediterranean, covers 3,640 square kilometers. Another example near us: The A-76 is as large as the Molise, covering 4.4612 square kilometers.

The A-76, detached from the Ron Ice Shelf, is the largest existing iceberg on Earth, covering an area of ​​approximately 3,380 sq km beyond A-23A., Weddell also flows into the sea. Instead, another giant Antarctic iceberg that threatened a penguin-populated island at the southern tip of South America has since lost most of its mass and collapsed into pieces earlier this year. L’iceberg A-74 In February of this year, it was 1,270 square kilometers off the Brunt ice shelf in Antarctica. The size of Los Angeles.

The Ron Ice Shelf on one side of the Antarctic Peninsula is one of several large ice sheets that connect to the continental shelf and extend into the surrounding oceans. Periodically disassembling large parts of these platforms is part of a natural cycle. But Some ice sheets on the Antarctic Peninsula have been rapidly disintegrating in recent years, a phenomenon that some scientists believe is linked to climate change., Second il US National Snow & Ice Data Center.

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Not everyone agrees, even though. According to Ted Scambose, a research glaciologist at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Ron Slab and another large ice shelf, Rose, “behaved consistently and periodically” over the past century or so. The release will not raise sea level, as the ice was already floating in the sea before leaving the coast., He argues. Imagine that soon the A-76 will split into two or three parts.

A-76 in case of doubt A great reminder to accelerate the green transition to a more sustainable economy To reduce CO2 messages by 2030 and bring global warming below 1.5 degrees.

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