“It’s amazing to find it here”

"It's amazing to find it here"

The Rover Jessiro was constantly searching for signs of life in the dusty and rocky landscape of the crater. Marte Since landing last year. But now the Rover Human debris found on the surface of the Red Planet.

On Tuesday, the Perseverance team shared on Twitter that they were seen A piece of thermal blanket Used to save Rover Of the extreme temperatures it experienced during landing.

“It’s amazing to find it here,” the team wrote, as the robot’s descent was about 2 km away. “Did this piece land here after that, or did it fly in the wind?”

This is not the only waste Rover On Mars. In April, the Ingenuity helicopter Captured the view of a bird Man-made space junk: the landing gear that helped it, and Rover Perseverance, to reach Mars.

With cameras showing everything from parachute inflation to landing, there was a Mars landing persistence with the best records in history, ”he said. Ian ClarkFormer Perseverance Systems engineer who is currently leading the effort to bring samples of Mars back to Earth at JPL in Southern California.

He continued: “If they strengthen our systems that they work the way we think they should, or even a bunch Engineering information data We can use the sample return for Mars for planning, it will be amazing. If not, the pictures are still stunning and inspiring. “

The main mission of perseverance Is to look for signs of microbial life Near his landing site is the ancient river delta Jesiro Crater.

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Is space debris Growing anxiety For space agencies.

Mission fragments left in space, boot, shovel, and more Vehicles completing the Apollo missions What is left on the moon will otherwise pollute the primitive planets.

When the Earth’s orbit is filled with satellites and space debris, leaving the Earth for space exploration is even more dangerous. In addition, all space junk orbits around the Earth, including obsolete satellites, burned boosters, screwdrivers, parachutes, and other debris. They are dangerous to the International Space Station.

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