“It’s a big blow” that Cedric Doombe won’t be on the card!

"It's a big blow" that Cedric Doombe won't be on the card!

RMC Sport Info – Cedric Doombe will not be on the first UFC Paris card on French soil on September 3rd. The former Glory champion will have to wait to make his debut for MMA’s biggest organization. A big setback for him regarding the incident.

In his words, he cheats and puts on a show. But we feel the disappointment is too great. Cédric Doumbé will not be in the end, scheduled for a Sept. 3 UFC Paris card where he will make his debut in MMA’s biggest organization. A package announced by RMC Sport and confirmed by the former GLORY (kickboxing) champion on our microphone: “I am under contract with the UFC, it is officially signed, but I understand that the fight will not take place on September 3” .

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To explain: “There is already this law of the opponent, where you cannot find an opponent, he is ready. At the same time, you want to fight Cédric Doumpe, it is hot. (Smile.) And for the papers… you need the papers that I gave you, but the French commission is a little It’s feverish, and it’s for a number of reasons. For those who haven’t been following, Doumbé evokes the FMMAF (French Federation) rule that stipulates that a fighter ranked in the Elite 2 category – with fewer than ten professional fights – cannot step into the cage against an opponent who has more than four fights on the list with him.

Doombe (2-0 in his career since the transition to MMA) had a fight for the UFC against American Darian Weeks (5-2), but this proposal was rejected by the officials of the technical office of the FMMAF. A law already applies to several French organizations, which makes it possible to protect the physical integrity of fighters at the beginning of their careers. A rule agreed upon by the UFC along with members of the FMMAF.

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Doombe’s situation is certainly unique, with a storied past in combat sports, and the FMMAF intends to publish a text in the coming months for exemptions for profiles like him. Meanwhile, the concerned person will not be on the September 3 card. He is upset. While remaining a showman. “UFC Paris without Cedric Doombe is strawberry pie without strawberries, he smiles. Without pie! I’m disappointed for the fans who wanted to see it. I really wanted to be in this first UFC in France. But nothing happens by chance…”

To the point of questioning the future? “I’ve already said in interviews that I’m happy with MMA, but I don’t have the same passion and enthusiasm that I had before,” he replies. Asking a lot of questions. Let’s see… I’m asking myself a lot of questions because I’m hot here. So many things that come inside me head… This is a stranglehold that I’m taking and I want to hit. (Smile.)

While he was in Dublin, Ireland, preparing for his most famous student, Conor McGregor, on September 3 in the famous SBG room, Doombe booked a ticket to return to France this Friday evening. “It’s a big blow I’m taking. I came in, I’m training, I’m giving it my all, I had a big sparring session today. I was confident, ready to kick everything, and bam, big blow.” Complete by repeating “Nothing happens by chance.”

One question remains. According to the latest news, Darien Weeks will be fighting Yohan Laynesi next week on September 10 at UFC 279. Therefore, Doombe could have confronted him in Las Vegas to circumvent the FMMAF law, which Nevada does not apply. But it won’t be. He could have faced any opponent outside France before and after September 3. For now, it’s not taking the road. To be continued, therefore, this package is surrounded by a kind of mystery.

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This is a blow for UFC Paris. Among Manon Fiorot’s package (his fight against Katelyn Choukaghian in Abu Dhabi has been postponed to UFC 280 on October 22), a Benoit Saint-Denis, who needs to find a new opponent, has claimed the body of an Abdul Abduraguimov, but has been booed by the public for the time being. In the program, the premiere of the biggest MMA organization on French soil was not as beautiful as we expected. But there is still a lot to do to guarantee a great show.

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