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Italy turns green to celebrate St. Patrick and Ireland

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The project was started 11 years ago Australia With green lighting Sydney Opera H.S., Will join the festivities again this year. Record number of subscriptions, Given the unprecedented challenges, underscore the importance of the strength of the deep ties that people around the world feel to Ireland.

Successful venture – Italian attendance more than doubled compared to previous editions. Internationally relevant names added to previous editions of participating sites Pizza Tower, Porta San Giacomo in Bergamo, Castell Nuevo in Naples, New devices, more or less well-known but with extraordinary beauty, which well represent the peculiarities of our peninsula.

New entries in Italy – In new entries‌: Procedure, Capital of Culture 2022, with Palazzo Merlato; The famous Trojan column also features the Fontana del Aqua Paula d Rome; Unicredit Tower in Milan and other attractions in Lombardy Wijewano, With Torre del Bramante, the symbol of the city, or Pavia With the statue of Minerva Fort of Lonato Sostra and San Giorgio Church on Lake Garda, Val di Intelvi; Of the Dome Novara; La Bollente d Aqui Terme; Castel Thun Val di Non; TERESA A. MARE OFF Lignano subbiador; Bologna With Palazzo del Podesto and many others. It also joined the Paglia sect, a group of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

… and in the world – There are many international innovations: A letter box on top of the Orthopen Mountain Norway, 350 km above the Arctic Circle; The world’s largest spring, the Palm Fountain a Dubai; The tallest building in South America, the Costanera Tower Chile; Blade Castle Slovenia; Pacific Park in Santa Monica Pier California; BC location in Vancouver; Sekenani Gate in Le Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya; Villa E-1027A Rockbrown-Cap-Martin France.

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