Italy prepares to reopen despite warnings from epidemiologists

Italy prepares to reopen despite warnings from epidemiologists

Italy Is preparing to relax its restrictions until April 26, 2021, a Reopening The government says it will be maintained because infectious diseases will be controlled Scientists This warning on Sunday, April 18th Epidemiological curve stand up.

“After two to three weeks any curve will show growth. When you rest Limitations It is normal for the epidemic to escalate again unless external factors, such as immunization, intervene, “said the head of the Ministry of Health’s defense and a member of the Science and Technology Committee (CTS). Gianni Res, In a statement to La Repubblica.

Although Ressa estimates that the trend of the curve is currently low, it does warn Italy Still a Event “too high”, “180 weekly cases per lakh residents”, “ICUs are still busy”.

“We still have more than 300 deaths and 15,000 cases a day, and we are reopening at a time when the curve is slightly lower. Epidemiologist Acceptable risk is zero, for an economist it can be 100, for those who have a business and have paid a larger number. This is legal Politics Find a balance and then reopen schools and other things so no one can push it off Activities The curve will rise again, ”he added.

However, the undersecretary of health, Pierre Polo Celeri, This Sunday’s La Stampa newspaper underlines that “reopening is irreversible” and the executive does not have to close again. “Vaccination Campaign Goes Ahead” The results achieved in countries like England or Israel are viewed with optimism.

He acknowledges that returning to the classroom will lead to an “increase in infections” and that there will be a time when “many more” will occur. Infection In very young people and those under the age of 55, the risk is much lower because they have not yet been vaccinated “, but if the elderly are protected”. “

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Finally, he favors maintaining a curfew until 22:00, despite criticism from the far-right league leader. Matteo Salvini, Which supported the executive of Mario Draghi and demanded that it be avoided or delayed.

On April 26, Italy will begin the long-awaited resumption route Return to schools Areas where the doDoor can be developed to avoid the virus, such as restaurants, with the intention of making it critical.

‘S grade “Yellow Zone”, The areas with the lowest epidemiological risk and access to it can be re-raised blind for lunch or dinner in their restaurants and bars.

This amount is welcome but not enough Rehabilitation workers This Sunday a group of chefs and businessmen from the Umbria region (center) decided to have a cook. Peaceful and symbolic protest, Near Draghi’s house in Sit della Pive, to raise awareness of the difficulties the renovation agency is facing, the Kovid-19 pandemic struck.

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