Italy opens arms for foreign tourists

La Marina Grande, port principal de l'île de Capri.

« The world wants to go to Italy. Italy is ready to welcome the world », Announced Mario Draghi at the end of the G20 Ministerial Meeting in Rome on Tourism. The Chairman of the Board takes “other risk calculated” . After accelerating the disintegration of the peninsula in April, travelers will be exempted from the ship from mid-May, and the national green passport will be introduced a month before the European version. This choice is not based on statistics of the epidemiological situation, but on the urgency of reviving the economy, and therefore tourism. One of the areas affected by the pandemic is estimated to have lost 53 billion.

Last year, 25 million foreign visitors visited the peninsula. A year ago it was 65 million. It was down more than 60 percent. Before the crisis, tourism generated a turnover of 30 230 billion, or 13.2% of GDP.

A National Green Passport

« Tourism is stronger than ever but I have no doubt it is not stronger than ever “, Assures Mario Draghi that he must be for it” More sustainable and all-encompassing Italy expects the European Certificate to be issued within a month, and by mid – June, it will be possible to travel across the peninsula without restrictions on a national green passport. Will be given. Once on the peninsula, they will no longer be subject to a 5-day embargo. .

However, the government has 10 days left for immigrants, but the government plans to reduce this measure for the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel, where a large portion of the population is already vaccinated. Mario Draghi finally “rClear and simple rules to allow tourists to return to Italy and travel safely “They will be clarified after May 15. The curfew at 10 pm is likely to be extended or lifted by an hour.

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The tourism sector is regaining hope

“Green passport saves us”, Welcome Professional Tourism Associations About 10 billion euros in aid was received On the part of the government to deal with the crisis. Since the last announcement of the toughest control measures at the end of April , Bookings increased by 33%. The technical and scientific committee must be vigilant. Although the epidemiological situation is back under control, any relaxation in terms of barrier gestures could lead to a resurgence of infectious diseases.

This again slows down the vaccination campaign After experiencing the marked acceleration. However, Mario Draghi said, “I want to believe in the return to normalcy (almost) this summer. ” It’s time to book your vacation in Italy, He said, We want to welcome you. »

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