Italy is green and lush despite the epidemic

Italy is green and lush despite the epidemic

Reported these days Renewable Counter Power Country Attraction Index (Recai) The reward for being green for Italy Thirteenth Location For the attractiveness of green investment, surpassing Ireland and Denmark. Experts from They analyzed the state of renewable energy in Italy.

Who is still in front of us?

L ‘Index Recai It is based on the study of a country’s attractiveness in attracting capital to invest in renewable energy. See the October report again States In the first place with a score of 72.8.

In the second and third places, we find two Oriental superpowers China It has a score of 70.7India At 70.2. It is more European, just below the rankings France (67.4), UK (67.3) e Germany (67.0) Those who approach the steps of the podium quickly. To close the first ten we find Australia (66.9), Japan(65.4), Brazil(61.9) e Spain(61.2).

Below is a ranking of the top 20 countries in the Recai Index:

Top 20 Countries in the Recoy Index
United States 72.8
China 70.7
India 70.2
France 67.4
UK 67.3
Germany 67.0
Australia 66.9
Japan 65.4
Brazil 61.9
Spain 61.2
Netherlands 61.0
Chile 60.8
Italy 59.7
Ireland 59.6
Denmark 59.3
Morocco 58.1
Israel 58.0
Canada 57.9
Egypt 57.8
Sweden 57.7

The old continent has 4 countries in the top 10 that symbolize the increasing focus of the Union and the UK on sustainability issues. This trend of growing green Europe is also evident in words Von der Lane, Earlier this year it expressed its intention to make Europe The first zero-emission continent.

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Renewable condition in Italy

Recyclables are still growing in Italy during the epidemic years. Green investment in the first months of 2021 is considered to be one of the highest rates ever, and growth is not stopping.

With this dataThe attractiveness of Italy is increasing For green investments. In just six months, we moved from 15th to 13th place in Reykjavk, and we arrived More than a point from the first ten Of rankings.

The stability of the peninsula has in fact stemmed from two different actors, institutions and private individuals, who continue to bring Italy closer together. Green 2050 goals Described in the union.

The Italian Government, He put the plate with the recovery fund 68.9 billion For “The Green RevolutionThe highest amount of public investment in the boot. Another strong signal came Bank of Italy Introduced in July of this year “Sustainable Investment Charter”: 190 billion The euro is ready to invest in sustainability.

Looking at individuals from 2016 to the present, and beyond 441 thousand companies Production from renewable energy is almost brought in and invested in green and sustainable. 116 TWh, With over one million systems installed. That too is growing Green offers in Italy While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Star Trek impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style.

As can be seen from the report Green Italy 2021, All of the investments made during this last period pursued the same goal: “doing good to the planet to have a man-sized economy on the old continent.”

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What are the future scenarios?

Europeans are the first to enjoy us Economic system with zero effect. As already mentioned, by 2050 the Union must be completely carbon free, allowing future generations to enjoy a planet that is growing on a human level.

The There is still a long way to go This is evidenced by the fact that today only 37% of the energy produced in our country is green, but the road seems to be downhill.

We hope that today and tomorrow leaders will be able to move closer each day to sustainable goals that will enable them to enjoy a 100% green world.


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