Italy is adept at performing the difficult mission in Ireland

Italy is adept at performing the difficult mission in Ireland

Ireland vs Italy, Donbrook, 12 noon – (live su RTÉ two)

There was a feeling on Ground Hog Day for the match for third place in the Six Nations Championship. Feelings similar to all the futility of the 2017 World Cup tragedy.

Many men speak out and denounce women’s rugby. Too many people are talking or denying what needs to happen to save the game on this island.

It is still illogical for the International Federation of Air Leagues (IRFU) to allow Irish manager Adam Gregg to blame himself on Thursday after he said on Tuesday that he did not know who was directing the national competition. This makes it clear that he has always known this and needed a second press conference to name two low-level employees, Collie McIntyre and Amanda Greensmith.

So far, ITUC Women’s Committee Chair Mary Quinn and Irish Women’s Rugby Director Anthony Eddie have said nothing.

Ireland captain Sierra Griffin gave the players the necessary exposure on Friday morning.

When asked by the group to shift the competition from Parma to Dublin due to shipbuilding rules in Irish hotels and the cooperation of the Italian Federation, Griffin was asked last Saturday how he feels on the pitch after France’s 56-15 shots.

Griffin, who has always been a diplomat, gave them optimism, but it should be noted that the team only got together on Thursday. With such small progress, the challenges posed by Italy will be overcome.

Claire Molloy’s departure from the Matchday team, which severed the last link of Irish women’s rugby’s golden age, was a curious decision, with criticism coming from former Irish manager Philip Doyle, who could not understand why Harlequins promoted Anna Caples to seven positions in the Base XV.

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“The best Irish striker was banned for nothing last season,” Doyle Kaples tweeted. “If I had played seven.”

It doesn’t look tough

However, Brittany Hogan and Grace Moore from London should be left out of the bench, as Athletic Ireland are very low against France.

Before Hannah Terrell, Griggs extended a large, reasonable invitation to promote the Stacey Flood abroad.

Floyd, Hogan and other players who failed to meet the standards of last week’s Test match have the opportunity to pay the Kiwi manager’s bonus against an Italian team that appeared to be very talented before being called up during the 41-20 match against Scotland.

Irish defense manager Kieran Hallet has recognized the need to lose Beatrice Rigoni at any time and place in midfield, and should ensure that scout manager Rob Sweeney is behind the wheel.

Troubled Italy were in trouble in Scotland, so Claudna Moloni will have to do a test drive, but only she and Ov McDermott can organize the team.

Positive outlook created a laser pass for Amy-Lee Murphy Crowe, Eve Higgins and Bibin Parsons, who were tempted by the flood, but the negative energy around Ireland last week turned into an Italian victory.

“Our goal was to be in the top three, which is within our range,” Griffin said.

Ireland: Imer concidine (UL Bohemian / Monster); Amy Lee Murphy Crow (Union Railway / Monster) (1), Eve Higgins (Union Railway / Leinster), General Nou (Old Belvedere / Leinster), Pepin Parsons (Palinslow / Blackrock College / Connecticut); Stacey floods (Union Railway / Leinster), Catherine Dunn (Ulster Belvedere / Ulster); Lindsay Pete (Union Railway / Leinster), Claudina Moloney (Wasps / IQ Rugby), Cute Dejujang (Old Belvedere / Leinster); McDermott grapes (Union Railway / Leinster), Nicola Friday (Black Rock College / Connecticut); Dorothy wall (Black Rock College / Munster), Brittany Hogan (DCU / Old Belvedere / Ulster), Sierra Griffin (Capitano, UL Bohemian / Monster). Alternative: Neve Jones (Malone / Ulster), Laura Philly (Black Rock College / Connecticut), Leah Lyons (Harlequins / IQ Rugby), Grace Moore (Railroad Union / IQ Rugby), Hannah O’Connor (Black Rock College / Leinster), (Black Rock College / Monster), Hannah Terrell (Old Belvedere / Leinster), Inya Brin (UL Bohemian / Monster)

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Italy: The success of Ostuni Menosi; Manuela Forlan (capt), Michela Celari, Beatrice Rigoni, Maria Magatti; Veronica Madia, Sarah Baratin; Erica Skovka, Melissa Bitoni, Lucia Gay; Valeria Federici, Giordana Duca; Ilaria Arjeti, Francesca Sugurbini, Elisa Giordano. Alternative: Lucia Camarano, Gia Maris, Michela Merlo, Sarah Tony, Isabella Locatelly, Beatrice Veronese, Sofia Stefan, Yura Musso.

Law: S-Cox (RFU)

Governance: Italy wins.

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