Italy-Ireland U21 2-0: Soot and Katron scored

Italy-Ireland U21 2-0: Soot and Katron scored

With this victory Italy reached Ireland first in Group A, the first to go directly to Euro 2021

94 ‘Final: Italy-Ireland 2-0

Critical targets from Sotil and Katron.

90 ‘with 4 minutes recovery

It can play up to 94

87 ‘Another change for Italy

Ricky leaves and Nicholas Caviglia enters

Change for 82 ‘stamps

Sotil comes for Raspadori

78 ‘Yellow Card Seropolini

Wasted too much time on a goal kick

75 “Ireland changes three

Bollini, who replaced Murattor for Portonovic early in the second half, is no substitute.

67 ‘Yellow Card Collins

Katron tries to escape from Collins, who raises his elbow and blocks him. Advised.

65 ‘Ireland see each other

Guests throw themselves forward with the elbowedie pressing hard to the left. The seropolini sinks and spins for an angle.

62 ‘Italy doubles!

On the right is the Vogliako site. Cagliari striker goes to the bottom and crosses for Kathron, expecting the scorer to score 2-0

50 ‘Italy Opportunity

Richie runs to the left and crosses in the middle, but the pass is wrong for Katrone. Good chance for Asurini

48 ‘equivalent to Ireland

Guests leave aggressively, with a freekick from the left. The ball crosses the area and ends at Portanova’s feet, he sweeps one meter up from the goal and touches his own goal. Free the blue defensive well from the next corner.

46 ‘Recovery begins

Portanova enters Italy and goes to Murator.

43 & # 39; Italy goal!

Sot escapes to the left and turns right and hits Basunu from inside the area! Deserved achievement of Azurini.

37 ‘Italy Opportunity!

Sotil retrieves the ball in the trocar, enters the area, and a defender is upset at the closure, throwing it into the stars. Great opportunity for Azurini.

27 ‘Italy Again!

Sotil’s free kick from the left crosses the entire cross and ends near Katron. However, the Fiorentina striker is not getting there.

26 ‘Italy context

Murattor tries from the outside, but the midfielder’s shot dampens the defense and easily gets into Basunu’s hands.

25 ‘Elbowsedy runs to the left

But the Irish cross was lost in the air.

23 ‘The concept of Birindally

Sot on the left, changing the game for Brindelli. Pizza full-back jumps over his opponent, but the ball sweeps over the host defense.

20 ‘Yellow Card Pyrola

Obafemi stops when the inter-school defender resumes, the first yellow for Azurini.

14 ‘Still Dangerous Frabota

The winger enters the box on the left and passes low and strong. Cut the butt, but Purple Attack stops the game for offside.

11 ‘Taylor tries from outside

Serofolini easily controls the ball

8 ‘Ireland Opportunity

Taylor passes from the left and the Italian defense releases poorly. The ball lands in Ronan’s left hand and he sends it to the side

5 ‘learning phase

Teams with little acceleration practice in midfield

3 ‘Frabota Foul

Juventus player enters hard at smallbone. Do, but no discipline.

1 ‘The match begins

First possession of Italy

Italy U21 (3-5-2)

Seropolini; Veno, Good Morning, Pirola; Birindelli, Richie, Tonali, Murattor, Frabota; Katron, Sotil. Everything: Stamps.

Ireland u21 (4-3-3)

ബസുനു; L.O’Connor, Masterson, Collins, Leahy; Smallbone, Coventry, Taylor; Elbousedi, Obafemi, Ronan. All: Crawford

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