Italy Ireland, Diego Dominguez recalls: ‘It was an indescribable joy’

Dominguez: "Italia-Irlanda fu una gioia immensa"

We asked a Blue Rugby legend and the #SkyRugby genius: Diego Dominguez, a member of an extraordinary group capable of turning the oval world upside down in the late ’90s and earning tickets to six countries.

1997 marked the year of Italian rugbyThe crucial dedication of the group coached by George Coste allowed them to defeat the Sacred Giants at the Oval in Scotland, Ireland and France during those seasons and thus gain the right to the oldest and most glorious entry. Tournament: Six countries.

Not wanting to forget any of those great heroes of another era, it was the Italy of Vacari, Troncon, Stoica, Croce and Property. However, it was more Italy than Diego Dominguez. The legend of C കോrdoba in those years drove the Assyrian to his feet with enviable accuracy, including set pieces, drops, and deadly instincts for the goal, often caught at the right moment. Earlier in the year, Italy arrived in Dublin to face Ireland in a match for the Green Army in preparation for the upcoming Five Nations Tournament.

In the 29-37 history of Italy

Continuous swing of scoring that we had already had a chance to seal the blue glory of “our” national Diego, overcoming the goal of Paulo Vacari 29-30 in the final. “I still remember the old-fashioned Lansdowne Road scoreboard 29-37 at the end – Dominguez says – I could not believe it, the joy was indescribable.. The whole audience was silent, and the Irish did not understand what had happened. However, they were always a tough team on the field, but with the best games outside they welcomed us with all the honors at the next party. How did we celebrate? All I can say is that the celebrations after winning a Test match can sometimes be very long and it is better to keep some things in the locker room. “Italy faced Wales at the time, but were eliminated, so they wrote a history page. Sports Temple. “I remember – opening the front half of Milan and Stade Franങ്കois – that We went to London with the whole team for the New Year celebrations. The federation had agreed to reach out to the players’ partners and wives for a few days, and we all celebrated the arrival of the New Year together under Big Ben.. It was a terrible week to prepare for the terrible and very cold weather, in which we faced an English local election. We were a well-tested team, there was a very strong understanding, the good players were taken individually, but above all they were a lot of character and true friends ”.

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The challenge with Paul Burke


Ireland-Italy and those 4 historic victories ….

Yet at that time the team had key elements Massimo Giovannelli and Ivan Francescato. The first goal to go was scored by Vakari and Massimo, before Burke’s reply and Bell’s sensational goal brought us to an unexpected 17-9, born out of a defensive mess between Vakari and Pertile. “Ireland did not expect us at all, but everything went the right way that day. Our tackles went well, the defense went well, the package was solid, we performed well in the man-on-man match and we made it to the team. Twenty-two of them were able to score. I have fond memories of that. , I think this is the first real milestone victory of our national team and a step towards entry into the six nations. We need that game: it’s time“In addition to a certain Conor Oshia from the Irish side, there was a challenge with the talented Paul Burke.”I lived all the matches as individual fights and team fights. In the end, rugby is a sport of psychology, you need to be able to win your encounter, it is essential to keep your direct opponent down. In the end, out of the fifteen who face each other on one side and the other, you will always find someone who gives up something, and as soon as he leaves, you begin to benefit.

Today Ireland-Italy


Six countries, Ireland 38 calls to Italy

Coming to the present, you can see the young man instead of the challenge between the 10th numbers Paulo Garbici Called to confront veteran and charismatic Jonathan Sexton. “I think this will be an extraordinary opportunity for Garbis. I could not wait to face and measure myself as to who is labeled as powerful or a prominent name. I was very happy, because this is the only way you can measure and study yourself. However, Italy have not won in Dublin since 1997, with the only victory in the tournament taking place in 2013 in Rome. There is also a high risk of facing defeat number 100 in six countries. “This will definitely be a tough match – Diego Dominguez concludes –. Ireland must win to stay captain until the end, and they must try to stay in the hope that France can do something wrong. So it’s still a very open tournament. England can join the fight, and Scotland are in danger if they beat France. Ireland are coming off a non-positive match in Paris and I think they will prepare them well. Sexton returns, ensuring their safety, a leader, a player who commands the team, who manages the timing of the game. Now, I’m worried about Italy’s inconsistencies with some high level players who are not consistent, do some things well and then make serious mistakes that you can not afford at this level. We did not have a calm management and we had impatience, we were in their 22nd over against England for a long time but we did not score and did not make many mistakes. Italy must be prepared, truly concentrated, competitive and aggressive as never before. If we look at Ireland’s last game, France fought it like every last ball, it’s like a neighborhood, so they won.

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Called Lovotti, news for those under 20 years of age

Meanwhile, Zebra’s Piacenza Pylon has added Andrea Lovotti to the Italy group.The 47 caps in blue, meanwhile, were released by central trocar Enrico Luch into the same dual franchise ahead of Friday’s URC match against the South African Bulls. News in the Under-20 group, following the defection of Matteo Bernardinello and Matteo Rubinato, called in Bennett Treviso’s Alex Artuso and rugby Calvisano’s Flavio Vacari to replace them.

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