Italy did everything it could to stop the second wave of the corona virus. So what’s wrong?

Italy did everything it could to stop the second wave of the corona virus.  So what's wrong?

Rome Italian If you turn on the news in Italy right now, you may be forgiven for what you thought you were getting Starting again from March. Images of COVID-only units, field hospitals, depleted medics and coffins once again dominate the headlines, with Italy gripped by the deadly second wave of COVID-19. On Wednesday, the death toll rose to 125 in 24 hours, and since May the country has been in a severe lockdown, a precursor to what is to come.

Of particular concern is the return of COVID to Italy. All that experts advise like Anthony Fucci is that the country has done it. Face masks have been mandatory in public places for months, social distance is strictly enforced, nightclubs have never reopened, and sports areas are below one-third of capacity. Children returning to school are regularly tested and strictly socially isolated, yet it seems that the second wave cannot be completely prevented.

While rejecting another full lockdown, Italian health officials are urging people to limit their own moves, by keeping them in their homes, where they are inadvertently encouraging private parties, which at the moment seem to be the worst. The Italian Ministry of Health said this week that 80.3 percent of new infections occur “at home.” Only 4.2 percent are from recreational activities and schools.

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