Italy and Tunisia create a common habitat for startups: the economy

Italy and Tunisia create a common habitat for startups: the economy

(ANSAmed) – Tunis, March 17 – Lab Innova Tunisia 2021 launches initiative to develop innovative cooperation projects between Italy and Tunisia to build a common habitat for startups.

The Extraordinary of Made in Italy plan funding in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Tunisia and in partnership with rival Smart Tunisia and the Smart Capital environment. Smart Tunisian technology parks include Pele de Competitive de Suse and Pele de CD Tabet.

The project – reads an ICE press release in Tunisia – is part of an integrated development pathway of 20 Tunisian startups engaged in technological innovation of products and services including robotics, agritech, smart agriculture and medtech. Information and communication technology (blockchain, cyber security, artificial intelligence). In Africa, the Innova Lab format has already been implemented in Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique and Uganda, and is generally focused on Agritech for small and medium enterprises.

Given Tunisia’s unique position as a country with a better organized production environment, the project will focus more on startups and more strategic areas.

Tunisia recently approved measures to innovate and unlock new talent. These steps led to Startup Law 2018, which established the legal framework for Tunisian startups, and thus into the financial tools to assist startups through various development phases, such as the Font des Fonts program. Although the Tunisian startup ecosystem is still in its infancy, many examples of diversity make Tunisia one of the most innovative countries in Africa.

Selected 20 certified startups will have access to specialized training. “The spirit of the project – as stated by Donatella Irici, Director of the ICE Agency in Tunisia – is to create conditions for development based on unified models to strengthen trade relations and industrial cooperation between Italy and Tunisia. Tech. “(Answered)

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