Italy also has a historic web tax treaty with the United States

Italy also has a historic web tax treaty with the United States

Web tax has been a hotly debated topic, and for some time now we have been seeking an agreement between the OECD countries to adopt a common approach to the tax system to be introduced in the Big Networks – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon Not only that. Internationally, significant progress has been made in recent months, with a general strategy being planned during the G7 in Cornwall last June: the political agreement was signed at the OECD / G20 meeting earlier this month. “Steps forward”, yes, is not a shared goal, considering the strong confusions of different countries, Ireland (incidentally).

But after (Conversion) contract Condition between Italy, Austria, France, Spain and the United Kingdom On the one hand, and United States On the other hand, we can say that web tax is closer and clearer. These countries have in fact declared their intention to pass. “From existing taxes on digital services to the new multifaceted solution“, Does”To continue discussions on this topic through constructive dialogue“.

Let us take a small step back to explain briefly What tax reform involves Approved by “Large international companies will begin to pay their fair share“Basically, two basic pillars are defined:

  • Large multinational companies are required to pay taxes not only at their registered office but also in the countries where they operate
  • The minimum global rate is set at 15%, which applies by country

These reforms will establish a more stable and sustainable tax system that can meet the needs of the 21st century global economy.

There was talk of this from the beginning Steps, The transition agreement is said to represent the personification of the phrase “do not put the longest foot in the foot”. That is, it is a Compromise, A “Practical solution“As our government defines it, the end result – a decisive understanding between all countries and the effectiveness of the multinational tax system – can be effectively achieved.

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