It will cost $ 800,000 to save the national lottery from cyber attacks

Rescatar Lotería Nacional de ciberataque costaría $800 mil

Cybercriminals using ransomware and Avaddon to attack national lottery sports tips (Lotanal), They ask for an average of $ 40,000 and about 800,000 pesos as ransom for the information they steal.

“Working groups ransomware Avaddon They are known for targeting large organizations. Cybercriminals are known to personalize ransom demands based on the victims’ annual income, ”he says. Binocrypt, ransomware recovery service.

Avodon ransom is usually paid Bitcoin, There are many ways to get that cryptocurrency through it PayPal Or credit cards with a 10% fee, the company explains.

The ransom ranges from $ 5,000 to approximately 100,000 pesos to $ 54,000, or one million pesos.

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Firm Cyber ​​security Notes that Avodon’s sequestration time is normal compared to other common ransomware (data hijacking) attacks, and that the spontaneous process of communicating with attackers delays response time.

Avodon drives an average of 10 days as per the given period Lotanal, Et al Cyber ​​criminals Give six days.

The attack was revealed on Thursday night. Lotnell reported yesterday that information from the administrative area was stolen two weeks ago after it did not mention the incident. Criminals Works internationally.

After detecting a cyber attack The policeman Cybernetics He has also received advice from the Presidency’s Coordination of National Digital Strategy (CDN) and cyber security experts.

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“For many organizations, downtime is the most expensive part of a ransomware event, and reputation damage is another negative side effect of data breach,” he says. Binocrypt.

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This indicates that in 68% of cases the attack was caused by phishing, which means that users’ information is stolen through false emails.

This is the case in 22% of cases Remote desktops, So an attacker accesses systems from a computer, and causes 10% of security vulnerabilities.

Louis Friedman, Cyber ​​Security Expert and CEO Avantika, It explains Cyber ​​criminals They get emails from managers about the risks of people working and connecting from home and the weak passwords of corporate internet sites.

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“After observing how managers communicate, they replace the identity of the director’s email and send an email ‘on behalf of the director’ to the accounting areas requesting payments, purchases or transfers to new suppliers,” Friedman explains.

On the other hand, he argues that the most attacked companies are those with 20 to 200 employees because their networks usually do not have many organizational and security filters.

“From January 2020 to 2021, such attacks have caused between 500,000 and 700,000 pesos a year, a 300% growth rate during this period alone,” Fried‌man acknowledges biforcect data.

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