It will be sold to Amendas.

ستباع لأمانديس.. أمريكي مقرب من الحاجب الملكي يستعد لإضاءة طنجة بالطاقة الشمسية بدعم إماراتي

Thanks to a project for a photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 30 megawatts, and thanks to the support of an Emirati, an American operating close to the royal palace will soon be providing solar-powered electricity to the city of Tangier. Energy Company, although it is not mentioned in the plan.

The details of the Africa Intelligence project have been revealed, and official documents from the Ministry of Energy Conversion indicate that it is expected to be completed by 2023, thus making Tangiers the first solar power plant.

According to the report, while the UAE company AMEA covered the technical, legal and financial aspects, the project was being implemented by an American named “Philip Jenkins”, a close friend of King Mohammed VI’s guardian Mohammed Al Alavi. .

Project owners have recently begun preparing to supply energy to the Tangiers, as the company in charge of the “Green Power Morocco” project, led by Philip Jenkins, signed a nearly thirty million euro funding agreement with Atijarivafa Bank a few weeks ago. , Has already signed power purchase agreements with the company. Amandis in charge of managing the water and electricity sector in the city.

The report referred to the Emirati company “AMEA” as a “hidden partner” and did not mention its name in the project summary, project sponsorship from start to finish, from technical study to the sensitivity and financial side of the subject to securing the land required for the project.

The report points to the American Philip Jenkins’ strong connection with the Royal Viceroy and the royal family, as he was praised for his decision to open a factory to manufacture solar panels in the city of Al Hoceima. The rise of protests and the crisis of the rural movement, which enabled employment and supported the plans of the authorities in the region.

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