‘It was a great performance’ – Katie Taylor surpasses Guterres to keep a good record

'It was a great performance' - Katie Taylor surpasses Guterres to keep a good record

Katie Taylor remains the undisputed world lightweight champion after a strong victory over Miriam Guterres at Wembley Arena in London.

Ayler was absolutely dominant and would be disappointed not to end the match within the distance. Twice the referee seemed to end the match, but Guterres escaped.

The scorecards of the judges 100-89, 100-90 and 99-91 reflected the one-sided nature of the match, which could have been stopped in the first half of the match.

It’s been a kind of ‘homework’ fight for Taylor, after two top shows against the Dolphin Personnel in 13 months. Had she not accepted the fight, she would have untied her WBA belt.

Rated as just a two-star fight by the famous boxing website Box Reck, it was definitely a match for Taylor who felt she would lose her WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF and Ring Magazine belts if she failed.

“I’m very happy,” Taylor told Sky Sports after the fight. “I thought it was a great performance. I tried my best to get her out of there, but she kept coming back. Overall it was a great performance.”

For the first time in his career, Taylor was the first to attract a bill in a Saturday night sky / match room promotion, a start later than usual. But it’s especially significant when Taylor attacks Mani and almost falls, her excitement after the initial flood.

Taylor went on to attack Guterres’ body, and at the end of the first two minutes her slightly bloodied nose indicated how someone had come out.

Eventually the Spaniards went down to second through a jab midway but Taylor overtook his opponent with a variety of punches to the face and body.

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At the start of the third round, Taylor opened several punches with both hands. Guterres shuddered, but she escaped, and she was able to get off the ropes, unable to deny her courage.

With the left hooks the pressure soared on the landing and at the end of the round a right hand sent Guterres to the canvas on top but the style of the match continued into fourth place. Through the bell.

The Spaniards offered little defense, and Taylor jumped forward and punched his opponent in the fifth round, but by the time the fight was half over it was a crazy round from the current champion.

The European champion and interim WBA world champion was completely out of her depths, and she received a variety of jobs and shots from Taylor while referee John Latham watched closely again. At the end of the round, Guterres covered her nose, but she bravely continued.

Starting with a key to the seventh round, Taylor punched the opponent with his familiar left jab before putting him on the ropes. Basically, Guterres was completely expelled. In the eighth round, Taylor attacked with body shots and knocked her back into the ropes, but Guterres miraculously pushed Taylor forward.

Taylor continued to dominate but there was no sign of Guterres throwing a handkerchief in the corner, but as the Spaniards put up a remarkable resistance, the fight seemed to have resigned and the fight went a long way.

Towards the final round, Taylor dominated again, as did the previous nine teams. The Spaniards got excited when they heard the last bell, and when it was all over the boxers received a warm welcome.

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It was a one-sided competition, but Taylor was the No. 17 winner, retaining her four world belts and a ring magazine belt.

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