It turns out that using polish will crack the tire surface!

It turns out that using polish will crack the tire surface!

Tire polish is a widely used product to make the feet more shiny. However, it turns out that tire polish can endanger the condition of the tires. It is said that it can even make the surface of the tire slippery and unsafe to use.

Michelin Indonesia does not recommend using tire polish with Facrul Rosie oil based ingredients as customer engineering support. He said the use of tire polish with oil base ingredients can damage the tires. Although in use, this type of polish is more durable in use.

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“The most important thing is never to use a polish with an oil-based material. The tires will shine on the outside for months until you think they’m dirty. When Fakhrul Rosi was visited by journalists in Jakarta a few days ago.

“When used for a long time, it causes cracking and ozone depletion. The shape becomes rough, which destroys the rubber,” Facrul Rosie continued.

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Fachurul also mentioned his experience with tires that have not had this problem for a long time. At the same time, some consumers complain that the tires are starting to break. Although the tire age is still relatively young, it was only made in 2019.

“A good tire polish is not shiny. It’s black if it’s black. Aren’t there any new tires that look shiny?”

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