It may be a little cold but …

It may be a little cold but ...

A high pressure extending from the north of Russia to the North Sea and into England, maintains a cold north-east current from our cold regions,

The weather will gradually become more unstable over the weekend, with some rain expected near the German border and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg this Sunday afternoon.

Elsewhere the sky will be clear weather or variable, with even a few beautiful clearings from the campaign in the center of the country. In coastal areas, the height of the Ardennes and elsewhere between 10 and 14 പരമാവധി C below the maximum 8 to 10 സീസണ below the seasonal norm.

From Sunday to Monday night the sky will be overcast in the east and central part of the country, while clearing will continue in Flanders. Note the minimum between 2 and 4 in the Ardennes and between 4 and 7 between the middle and the sea.

You need to be careful about the arrival of strong fog and fog that forms in many places.

Monday, It will be more humid with initially very low clouds, and after a few appearances of the sun, it will rain almost everywhere except the sea and the sun will last all day.

It will still be very interesting in the same daytime temperatures as the day before.

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The next night, we see the same fog with widespread fog and lower temperatures except for the Ardennes, which can freeze slightly in the valleys.

Mardi, Low stratus and fog will give way to a few appearances of the sun, then it will still rain, but in milder climates it should be less and stronger, with temperatures ranging from 11 to 15 degrees south of Zambre, Muse Furo, 15 to 17 in the plains, but only 10 to 12 in the sea. .

WednesdayIt will be very mild this season before more cold air comes back from the North Sea. Of course this is a new height, which is expected in the second half of the week north of the British Isles.

But before that, it will still be relatively mild and it will start raining again during the day. In the interior of the country the maximum is 11 to 16 ത്ത്, but not more than 8 to 10 തീര along the coast, where northerly winds will remain uncomfortable.

The nights from Wednesday to Thursday will be mostly starry and cold, with at least 4 or 5 around the coast, but in the interior in the country between 1 to 3 and locally between -2 and 0 between the eastern valleys.

Evolution from Thursday to next Saturday

The stability of the dry climate, with mostly daytime sun and night star, is a relatively unpleasant northeast wind.

It will be very cold between 8 and 11 between the Ardennes and the coast and between 11 and 15 between the highs.

At night it will again be in Ardennes and in the eastern part of the country between -6 and 0 and in the eastern half of the country between 0 and 4 in the west.

Trend for the last week of April

It generally remains at a drier and more sunny temperature, i.e. between 13 and 16 between the plains and between 9 and 13 between the Ardennes relief and the coast.

At night it freezes slightly in the Ardennes valleys, with a minimum of 0 to 7 elsewhere..

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