“It is our discipline to urgently correct.”

"It is our discipline to urgently correct."

Compared to the match against Italy, what should be corrected against Ireland?

“What needs to be improved is the number of fouls we have conceded. We have a real job (to do) in discipline, and from competition to competition it gets better and better. We are a perfectly disciplined team, but we were a little lacking in this match. It is our discipline that needs to be corrected urgently. But Ireland are the most disciplined team in Europe (conceded only six penalties against Wales, Editor’s note). So we need to focus on our game and discipline, make as few mistakes as possible, not make mistakes and hurt them at their weak points, and stick to the score.

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How do you feel about the second line, which is not your usual position?

“I felt very good, I did not miss any of the criteria, the staff and players supported me well on the winning stages, so it went very well. It does me good, it allows me to play another game, to be tough. (Saturday) We look forward to a big fight in the malls or in the showroom. We need to try to compete in these areas, otherwise we will not succeed. ”

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France is the last team to beat Ireland, what motivates you?

“Last year, we won the Wire on Home (15-13, February 14, 2021 in Dublin, editor’s note), and it was a tough fight. Ireland have always been a relatively strong team and have excelled on a base that excels at conquering. There have been no major changes since then except that they were more confident because they did not lose after we lost. Then they defeated a big nation like the All Blacks. They have a very smooth game, it’s beautiful to watch and everything seems to be successful for them. But we will try to make them suspicious on Saturday.
Statements taken at the press conference

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