“It could be a ‘natural vaccine’ nearing the end of an epidemic”

"It could be a 'natural vaccine' nearing the end of an epidemic"

Russian President Vladimir Putin Guarantees the expansion of the new variant of Covid. “The Variation Omicron It could be a natural vaccine, ”the Kremlin number one confirmed on TV yesterday in an interview with the Russian news agency RBC about the progress of Pandemic. It is not fair, however, to come to the affected conclusions, however he concluded Putin.

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Variant Omichron

Although welcomed by all experts with the utmost care and concern, the prevalence of the new Kovid omiciron variant is less than Putin expected, compared to some kind of ‘living vaccine’ or natural vaccine. Based on the data collected so far, this variant does not seem as harmful as some might imagine, and for some experts it may be a natural vaccination nearing the end of the pandemic.Putin explained.

At a meeting in Sochi yesterday, the Russian president reiterated his concern that even members of the government were concerned about Omikiron.

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This is not the first time the term ‘natural vaccine’ has been used in Russia in connection with the spread of omega-3s. Piotr Chumakov, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, head of the main laboratory Engelhardt had already raised this question and caused a great deal of controversy in the academic world.

Anatoly Altstein, a professor at the Gamale Research Center, agrees. “If the evidence continues to come out, it’s not “Moderate” Kovid strain eliminates serious illness in most cases, so it can actually act as a natural vaccine..

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More contagious variant, but it has serious implications for positive subjects. This is the basic thesis of pomegranate by Punt and two experts.

Omicron as a vaccine

However, a large section of the Russian scientific community currently considers the use of the omiciron variant as a vaccine, which will consciously affect citizens. Studies on this subject are still very immature, and the details of the disease caused by the omicron variant are currently unknown to the world scientific community.

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