It can be up to 20 degrees. Then comes the rain.

It can be up to 20 degrees.  Then comes the rain.

– We don’t have a very good week, but we may be lucky to have rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, says the meteorologist.

There will be a lot of weather in the coming days. This is a picture of last week when heavy rains led to surface water in many places.
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Tonight meteorologists are warning of strong winds, especially in the interior, but later it will get hotter.

– Gentle air coming from the southern parts of Europe. Locally, it can reach temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius, says Aslag Skolevich Valvede, a meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Institute.

The reason for the increase in temperature is that the hot and humid south wind is blowing towards Europe. As the air passes over the mountains, it is called the blow-drying effect, and the hot air lowers the Lee part of the mountains and raises the temperature.

Weather forecasters are warning of strong winds from Monday. Winds are expected at 25-30 m / s.

Remember to secure loose objects, meteorologists write on Twitter.

During the day there will be light winds from the southeast and strong winds until the evening.

It could be thunder

Meteorologist Valvd says a hot and cold front will meet off the coast late Monday.

“When that front goes ashore tomorrow night, there’s a chance of thunder,” she says.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute forecast this wind on Monday and Tuesday:

Tuesday, on the other hand, will be calm, but strong winds will continue.

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– I can not completely guarantee that it will dry out completely, because the rain remains. It will be mostly late, and it will rain all evening.

Rainy season

On Wednesday, low pressure was declared in the sea off the coast.

– It’s expected to be at sea, with no more rain on land, Valvede says.

It returns to normal autumn with seasonal rains throughout the week.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days of the year, however.

Weather forecasters say hot air is expected in Europe next week.
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