It can also be requested at the ownership school

A teacher who has the necessary requirements may also request a change of chair at the ownership school. The movement will be adjusted according to the score

A reader writes to us:

I am a second grade teacher and received a provincial transfer to the school two years ago. Since I am qualified in another school I would like to know if it is possible to transfer a professorship within the same school.

The movement of interest to our reader is a change of chair, as well as a different level of competition from ownership in requesting the same level of education

What requirements

It is essential to have passed the test year and possess the required qualification for the required competitive class to apply for the conversion to the professorship.

What are the priorities

The preferences that can be expressed for the transfer of professorship follow the same rules that apply to a transfer request. No more than 15 priorities can be expressed, including single schools (analytical priorities) and whole districts, municipalities and provinces (synthetic priorities).

There is no indication of the minimum number of priorities, and therefore, only one.

There is no impediment to giving preference to the ownership school as our reader is interested, but, in this case, the teacher participating in the movement is not preferred based on the score, and formulate the same request with other teachers

It is useful to remember that a teacher who is satisfied with passing a chair in a school requested by analytics or a synthetic preference in the municipality of ownership will be subject to a three-year delay in ownership school will not be able to participate in mobility for the next three years

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