ISS, SpaceX. Flight to earth without a working toilet. Unpleasant return of astronauts from ISS

ISS, SpaceX.  Flight to earth without a working toilet.  Unpleasant return of astronauts from ISS

Four astronauts will depart from the International Space Station (ISS) this weekend. When they return to Earth, they will lose a toilet. The toilet in the Flying SpaceX capsule has been closed for two months. The journey is expected to take about 20 hours.

Astronaut Megan McArthur, one of four people returning to Earth after a six – month ISS visit, announced the crash at a press conference from the Orbital Station on Friday. She described the situation as “subliminal,” but manageable.

“Space flying is full of many small challenges,” she said. So we don’t have to worry too much about it – they added.

McArthur explained that the four astronauts decided to return to Earth with a malfunctioning toilet because they did not want to delay take-off from the ISS, which had already been postponed for a week due to an undisclosed medical issue involving a crew member. .

Half a year on the International Space Station

Among the four astronauts scheduled to return to Earth is Frenchman Thomas Pesquet, who briefed reporters about his six-month stay at ISS. He did not hide the fact that this was a very intense period for him, as he conducted a series of space walks there, the purpose of which was to improve the power grid of the station.

The astronauts experienced a slight deviation from the station’s normal position as the engines of the Russian science probe docked to the ISS some time ago fired themselves. The station also hosted a Russian film crew filming a feature film there.

The astronauts also boasted that they were the first chili sprouts in space. “It’s a good emotional experience,” McArthur said, “they have a beautiful taste and are naturally spicy,” she added.

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NASA astronaut Shane Kimbro and Japanese Akihiko Hoshaid will return to Earth next to MacArthur and Pesquet. They have been living in ISS since April 23rd. After they leave, one American and two Russians will remain at the station.

International Space Station ISS (Maciej Zieliński / DPA / PAP)Maciej Zieliński / DPA / PAP

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