Israeli election ballot box begins to point out Netanyahu’s shortcomings | The world

Israeli election ballot box begins to point out Netanyahu's shortcomings |  The world

The poll makes it clear that there are no clear winners in the polls. General election Of Israel, Organized this Tuesday (23).

After initially pointing out an advantage for incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to forge an alliance and finally stay in power, an update on the numbers shows that the Prime Minister will not get that alliance.

According to the latest data compiled by the Haaretz website, the ruling Likudin party will not get at least 61 seats in the Knesset – the name of the Israeli parliament – or Yamina, who is reluctant to support the Netanyahu coalition if it does not win support from the right – wing coalition.

See how this situation is based on data from the largest Israeli broadcasters compiled by the Harretz website:

Israeli Prime Minister and Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, Yesh Atid party president Yer Lapid – Photo: Jack Guess / Emmanuel Dunand / AFP

According to an average of surveys published by three major Israeli TV stations published on the Haaretz website, the situation is as follows:

  • The Liquid, The party of incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be kept 30 of the 120 Knesset chairs. In order to reach a majority, nationalist and conservative abbreviations and support for Arab leaders must be guaranteed.
  • The Yesh Atid, Ear Lapid – One of Netanyahu’s biggest rivals – Arrive 18 seats In Parliament. For this reason, a broad alliance must be formed between the opponents of the current government and rely on the support of right-wing groups.
  • Right-wing party Yamina, Of Naphtali Bennett, Everything has to be faithful to the balance of the new government’s definition: 7 seats Who can decide a tiebreaker.

Bennett has not publicly decided whether to support Netanyahu. However, in a televised address on Sunday, he said he would not support Lapid in a centralized alliance for a new Israeli government.

Opposition candidate Jer Lapid (23) voted in Tel Aviv for the Israeli election on Tuesday (23) – Photo: Corina Kern / Reuters

So Lapid will try to form an alliance with the left, center and right parties by disappointing the Prime Minister. In his campaign, he adopted a moderate tone, focusing on issues such as democracy, economics, and pandemic management.

The ballot box also indicates the lack of relevance of the party Blue and white, Benny Gants. In short, in the previous three votes directly opposed to Likud, this hurdle was only temporarily resolved when the two agreed to form an alliance during the Pandemic – the recently broken alliance. As a result, only the association should be left Seven chairs.

Vaccine selection and legal proceedings

Woman gets vaccinated at Tel Aviv bar in Israel – Photo: Corina Kern / Reuters

Elections were called in December after Knesset automatically disbanded when no agreement was reached on the approval of the country’s budget. This is the fourth time since 2019 that Israel has been subjected to a referendum amid a crisis in its political structure.

One year after the start of the pandemic, Israel seems to be surpassing Kovid-19, thanks to an immunization campaign that is considered a global example, which has already allowed 49% of the population to receive the required two doses.

Netanyahu’s thermometer is the general election in Israel

Last year also marked the launch of two cases against the Prime Minister for corruption and abuse of power, which sparked several protests between the three lockdowns the country has gone through. For example, on Saturday, thousands of people gathered in front of Netanyahu’s house in Jerusalem.

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