Israel to pay compensation to families of missing children in early 1950s | The world

Israel to pay compensation to families of missing children in early 1950s |  The world

Israel Compensation will be paid to the families of the children, announced by the Prime Minister of Yemen, who disappeared in the early 1950s Benjamin Netanyahu This Monday (22) is about this “painful” episode in Israeli history.

For decades, human rights defenders and Jewish immigrant families have reported that thousands of children were abducted from their biological parents in the first years after Israel was created in 1948.

In their opinion, these children, many of whom are of Yemeni descent, were given to Ashkenazi Jewish couples (Central and Eastern Europe) who lived in Israel or abroad.

Doctors told the biological parents that the children had died in childbirth, but the bodies were never handed over.

The Sephardic Jews (both natives of Spain and the Maghreb and the Middle East) have been accused of racism and discrimination against the Ashkenazi-dominated Israeli ruling class.

“It is time for families to recognize their children by the state (…) and to pay compensation to these families,” Netanyahu said in a statement issued by his office.

However, the Israeli prime minister acknowledged that the money would not alleviate the “terrible” “unbearable suffering” of families abducted by children in Yemen and other Arab and Balkan countries.

The Hebrew state will provide a total of 162 million shekels (approximately US $ 50 million) in compensation to the victims.

The state is trying to silence families with ridiculous and partial compensation without acknowledging responsibility for what happened, ”Ahim Wakayam, an association that brings together families of missing children, criticized on his Facebook account.

Netanyahu was already in favor in 2016 to examine the case file, despite hiding documents until 2031.

Most of the children who went missing during several official official inquiries died due to poor sanitation in the camps where their families lived.

Since the creation of Israel, the authorities have set up immigration camps to house thousands of Jews who have arrived in Israeli territory, including some 30,000 Yemeni people.

In addition to conducting genetic analyzes to identify the missing, an Israeli court in 2018 granted permission to open the graves of Jewish children killed in the early 1950s.

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