Israel is on its way to new elections after the dissolution of parliament

Le Parlement israélien s

A new election will be held for the fourth time in two years after the impossible union of Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gants in the same government.

Parliament of Israel Dismissed in a midnight stroke on Wednesday, leading to the call for new elections, the fourth in two years, representing the impossible union of Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gants in the same government.

On Wednesday, the first second of the deadline for approving the state budget, Parliament was dissolved in the absence of an agreement on the budget within the government. “Union and Emergency” It was formed in April by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former rival Benny Gants. Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gants temporarily buried Hatchet in the spring to end the longest-running political crisis in Israeli history, after three by-elections. The same government. The agreement is aimed at bringing together the country’s major political forces to fight the Kovid-19 pandemic, especially for the prime ministership and adoption of a single budget for 2020 and 2021.

But MPs had to approve the budget in advance to make this rotation a reality and to allow Benny Gants to take over as head of government next year, which they ultimately never accepted. The budget saga, seen by local media as revealing the tensions between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gants, lasted for months with the December 23 deadline.

Waterloo by General Gants

If no compromise was reached on that date, the Knesset (parliament) was dissolved and the Israelis called for a referendum. To avoid this situation, Benny Gants centrist Kahole Lavan (blue-white and Israeli flag colors) finally suggested a compromise – vote for two different budgets, one at the end of December and the other at the beginning of January. But on Tuesday, MPs rejected it by 47 votes to 47. There can be no doubt about the course of this compromise government. The Israeli media on Tuesday slammed Benny Gants, the former commander-in-chief of the powerful army, for failing to accept his justice reforms or become prime minister or keep his own political formation intact.

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By making a deal with Likud in the spring, Benny Gants saw his party split, with half of the deputies refusing to join the Benjamin Netanyahu-led government, and in several cases charged with fraud, breach of trust and corruption. Over the next few months, Gants’ party saw its supporters melt like snow in the sun. According to the latest barometers in the September 2019 election, its formation will be only sixth or seventh today. “The moment has come to put it simply: I tried, I wanted, I failed, I backed off”, Idiot Aaronot, the best-selling headline in the Hebrew newspapers, is counted on Tuesday.

If General Gantz loses this political battle, Benjamin Netanyahu will not come out unscathed in the coming months, facing the disintegration of the military near his appearance at the anti – corruption trial in early 2021. History of Israel as a Head of Government. Its former minister, Gideon Sar, announced this month that he had publicly created his own formation, Tikwa Hadasha (New Hope, Editor’s Note), which came in second, according to a recent poll. For the time being, Likud is ahead in voting purposes, but the formation of this new party and the formation of another former minister, Naphtali Bennett’s far-right Yamina, will end after this 18th ballot without enough partners to keep Benamin Netanyahu’s voting votes in power.

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