Israel and terrorists fire in central Tel Aviv: at least two killed

Israel and terrorists fire in central Tel Aviv: at least two killed

Is attacking

He fired at his followers

And fired alternately. Police immediately launched a manhunt across the area, returning to the apartment for about nine hours.

During that time man made a journey

Several kilometers

, Between Tel Aviv and Jaffa. For this reason, according to military radio, he is looking into the possibility of having a supporter. Meanwhile, Israeli police have deployed 3,000 officers


To deal with tensions that may arise during prayer

Esplanade of mosques

For the first Friday of Ramadan.

This is it

Fourth attack in two weeks

. After Birsheva Hadera and Bne Break (11 deaths in Palestinian attacks), it is now the turn of the street to symbolize the night life of the city: via Dysengoff, in the middle, on Thursday, in Israel, on the most festive day. Of the week.

Condemnation of Abu Massen –

Abu Massen, president of the Palestinian National Authority, condemned the killing of two Israeli civilians in a shooting in central Tel Aviv, and reiterated that “killing Palestinians and Israelis will only make the situation worse.” Through Ramadan, the Jewish Passover and the Christian. Abu Massen underscored the dangers of “continuous raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque and provocative actions by extremist immigrant groups.”

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