Is Tottenham playing tonight? Did Leighton Orient v Tottenham cancel?

Is Tottenham playing tonight?  Did Leighton Orient v Tottenham cancel?

It must have been one of the biggest nights in the recent history of the Leighton Orient – a Carabao Cup showdown to Tottenham.

The League Two team certainly acknowledged that fans could not see Jose Mourinho throwing his stuff on Brisbane Road, but things could get worse for the Orient.

Following the latest batch testing, several First-Team Squad members and staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Accordingly Sunsport, Several people were infected with the virus, which caused the stadium to close temporarily.

Official official confirmation of the cancellation of the match is expected to be imminent, but at the time of writing, the game is set to play tonight.

Under Carabao Cup rules, the game cannot be postponed, delayed or scheduled for a later date.

Due to the strict nature of the 2020/21 football calendar, the Carabao Cup matches should be canceled.

In this case, Leighton Orient will be eliminated in the third round and Tottenham will safely advance to the fourth round without hitting a single ball.

It would be a heavy blow if Orient could not play the match that was set to air live on Sky Sports this evening.

However, their main concerns will be about the safety and concern for the health of their players.

Nigel Travis, chairman of Leighton Orient, revealed that while competition rules say the competition will be canceled, they are discussing the possibility of rescheduling the furniture.

“We talked to the EFL and we think it’s a postponement,” he said Toxport This morning.

“We will lose $ 2.5 million this year, and anything that helps reduce that loss is clearly important. We’re struggling, so games like this should happen. ”

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