Is this a true story or is it different from the TV series books?

Is this a true story or is it different from the TV series books?

Netflix’s first Lupine series was a huge success on the streaming platform, with over 70 million families worldwide, making it the most-watched non – English series on the platform.

So, within days of its release, it should come as no surprise that Part 2 is currently Ireland’s number one show.

In the series, Omar C plays an asshole diop, inspired by the adventures of the master thief Arsen Lupine, created by Maurice LeBlanc in the early twentieth century.

Here’s everything you need to know about the hit series and the character that inspired it.

French actor Omar C plays Lupine on Netflix

What inspired the Lupine series?

Lupine is inspired by Arsene Lupine, a fictional character created in 1905 by the French writer Maurice LeBlanc.

The infamous character is described as a “gentleman thief”, the master of deception who works for the common good.

The character appears in 17 novels, 39 novels and several short stories. Strategic, he is a criminal genius who constantly avoids a police officer. Like the Robin Hood character, he carries out theft activities for the public good.

This character gets several nodes in the series. Throughout the first season, Asen refers to LeBlanc’s books contributed by his father, Babaker.

His father had come to France in search of a better life, but his employer accused him of stealing an expensive diamond necklace and hanged him in a prison cell.

Assange uses lessons to find ideas for his illusions and disappointments. When a young assignment receives a copy, the texts are first seen in a flashback. He later reappears in the series when Assan gives his son a new version of the same novel.

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How is the TV series different from the books?

There really is no comparison. Although Assange is inspired by books, it dates back to modern times. The literary character is not inspired anywhere else, while Asin is based entirely on Loop’s adventure.

His interesting stunts, including escaping from prison and challenging the police, are from stunts invented by Arsenal Lupine himself rather than his own original ideas.

If you want to check out the books, according to Le Parisien, the hit series led to the revival of LeBlanc’s novels. The book was reprinted using a version that reflected the new series.

The editor said: “We wanted to get the message that this series is a lasting honor for Arsenal.”

Omar Sik had a role in Chocolate with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp.

Who plays the main character?

Omar C is a French actor and comedian, but before Lupine he was not even known to the world.

X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014, Jurassic World in 2015, Chocolate in 2016, Transformers: The Last Night, and other big-budget Hollywood movies.

He is best known for his sketches with Fred Testot on the television program Service Appreciate-Went Des Emissions, which aired between 2005 and 2012.

He was the first black actor to win the Caesar Award for Best Actor in 2011 for Les Intouchables.

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